Man drowns while swimming in old mining pit


Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the alleged drowning of a man, who was swimming in an old mining pit at Rock Creek Backdam, Mazaruni River, Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni).

The dead man has been identified by his alias, “Tommy Lee”; his correct name, address, and age are unknown to the police at this time.

The incident in question occurred at around 08:00hrs on Wednesday at the Vanessa’s Mining Camp.

According to the police, “Tommy Lee” arrived at the camp in an intoxicated state where he began to converse with Lennox Adolphus.

Shortly after, the man proceeded to swim in an old mining pit located about 20ft away from the camp, while Adolphus reportedly went into the kitchen to do some work.

After some time had passed, Adolphus went to check on “Tommy Lee” but the man was not seen in the pit.

His body was subsequently pulled from beneath the water, after several searches were conducted.

Police were contacted and a rank, on arrival at the scene, checked the body of the victim and no marks of violence were seen. The body was then transported to the Bartica Regional Hospital.