Man charged for allegedly shooting suspected bandit

Lawrence Wayne
Lawrence Wayne
Lawrence Wayne

[] – Lawrence Wayne, who allegedly fatally shot a suspected bandit during a confrontation last August, was yesterday read a murder charge.

Wayne, called ‘Bai Bai,’ appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court, where he was charged with murdering suspected bandit Dexter Lindo.

He was not required to plead to the charge and was remanded to prison. It is alleged that Wayne killed Lindo between August 23rd and August 24th, 2014, at Alberttown, Georgetown.

Lindo, according to police, had been one of two armed bandits who entered a stall at the Merriman Mall, Bourda. “Upon seeing the men, the female owner ran and raised an alarm and a licensed firearm holder responded,” a police statement on the shooting said.

Lindo was subsequently shot and he succumbed to his injuries the following morning while receiving treatment at Dr. Balwant Singh’s Hospital.

The charge was filed since last Wednesday and was scheduled to be read to Wayne but he was absent since he was out of the country.

During yesterday’s proceedings, his attorney Mark Waldron apologised to the court for Wayne’s absence on the last occasion. He noted that Wayne was arrested on Monday by the police at the Ogle International Airport after disembarking from a flight from Barbados.



  1. The man shot lindo cold blooded so yeah it’s murder nt becuz u HV a firearm license means u have the law in ur hands.

  2. This is crazy. the man has license plus it is a bandit he shot not an innocent person. the law is so backward.

  3. What are the full details that led to him being charged for murder? Once that is clear then we can make judgements.

  4. I might be wrong but isn’t the DPP independent of the Government, or supposed to be so how do we blame the government for the States decision to prosecute….. Its unfortunate that he goes to jail for defending his property but there other parts of the world where similar laws exist with regards to use of force….

  5. This man shot a a suspected thief,he gets jail but A Gomes who killed a man in front of palm coury out of ignorance and should never be the holder of a license firearm in the first place HAD ALL CHARGES DROPPED WOW this is justified,, we get what we ask for change,,,,,,


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