Local gym looking to revolutionize exercise with dance music



IMG-20151016-WA0046[www.inewsguyana.com] – Over the past few years Guyanese have become more conscious of their health and the need to exercise, hence the need for local gyms has surged.

Traditional gyms have been tried by many but for some it just does not make the cut for them in achieving their fitness goals.

Fitrex Training Center has been operating in Guyana for the past three years and has somewhat filled that void in this area.

Trainer and Manager, Joshua Singh in a recent interview with iNews explained that the gym effectively uses music, in particular Electronic Dance Music (EDM), with their exercises.

This way, what really comes to the mind of the participant is partying while in the gym, which according to Singh, is a huge motivator.

Joshua Singh
Joshua Singh

“We have so much programs in place that you motivation would not drop at all…You wanna know something? It’s really epic. It is the new generation of fitness, forget the old and try the new,” said the trainer.

The Fitness Centre recently celebrated its 3rd Anniversary with a massive road show on the road from Bel Air, Georgetown, which included all clients and trainers.

Singh indicated that having operated in Guyana for the past three years and serving over 500 clients, he is certain that the program regimens that he employs help persons to achieve their fitness goal.

Singh and his trainers celebrate Fitrex's 3rd Anniversary.
Singh and his trainers celebrate Fitrex’s 3rd Anniversary.

“The workout will work and we will get results,” he said.

Singh, who has more than six years experience in the fitness industry, has gone through several diverse stages of overweight challenges in the past  and is now taking another step in his life to help change the lives of people in a positive way.




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