Majority of persons who commit suicide are Indo – Guyanese – Psychiatrist


Dr. Bhiro Harry discusses mental health at the event hosted by the Ministry of Health. [GINA Photo]
Dr. Bhiro Harry discusses mental health at the event hosted by the Ministry of Health. [GINA Photo]
[] – Psychiatrist attached to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC), Dr Bhiro Harry has revealed that the administrative regions that are most affected by suicide are regions 6, 4, 3, 2 and 5.

He says that the majority of the persons who commit suicide are of Indo-Guyanese descent.

He told health personnel at Herdmanston Lodge recently during a forum to address mental health that “for every 10, 25 to 30 attempts, one person die. Females attempt to commit suicide much more than males and 50% of the persons who commit suicide are between 12 and 25 years old. Surprisingly, Pentecostals and Hindus are at par in suicide rate when religions were looked at.”

Dr. Harry said the most common method of suicide is ingestion of poisonous substance, followed by hanging.

“We are hoping to have a mental health institute for training doctors/nurses to become qualified in order to satisfy the needs of our people. We are having two additional psychiatrists coming to Guyana; one is expected to be placed at Suddie Essequibo Coast and the other at the National Psychiatric Institution,” Dr. Harry said.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has deemed Guyana the suicide capital of the world, but Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr. Roger Luncheon, believes the numbers are being exaggerated since the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and WHO’s calculations does not accurately reflect what is recorded by the Guyana Police Force and the Health Ministry.


  1. jon..whats the subject matter here??
    rape or suicide?
    think ok……..

    Real eye opener ……lots of things totally wrong with people like you…LOL..

  2. Well, i think it is time , for us to be wise about our choices, and deal with the problem at hand, I,m a mother of five children, and i,m also old school, back in our day we had to do as we were told. And don,t ask questions, and that was most of us down fall in life ,where by we were not equipe to deal with real life situations, I think as a parent we need to equipe our children with the reallty of life before pushing them into it because your friend has a good looking son or doughter, and they have a little money and she going to be well of, because he or she can have money but the behiour of that person , is nothing short of been a sychopath.

    stop selling your sons and doughter of like a house lot or a car, not because a child is 18 or 20yers old that means that they are ready for the world, give them time to develop them self, mentaly and physicaly and also financially before putting them into that kind of life.

    I can proudly say until now my eldest son is 18 yers old and he is still a vergin, i also has 4 other children, that is also vergins, i let them know if they go into a relationship and it gets bad they have to stick with it , i explain to them the importance of developing them self and the importance of having a sound education, boy and girls ,because when you equipe you children with the tools they need to make it in life ,you as a parent will have the chance to watch your children and grand children grow.thank you.


  3. What the HELL is an Indo-Guyanese? Guyanese is one people, one nation. Guyanese have never been identified by their race, until now. SStop copying the BULL SHIT you see America is fond of indulging in, and deal with the problem as a problem affecting GUYANESE

  4. Robert Mugabe is over 90 years old and says he has the energy of a nine year old. The Mayor must have that of an eight year old in the same vein.
    Your birthday gift should be very cheap!
    Well once a man twice a child!
    so true, imagine an eight year old brain.
    Georgetown was made into a very smelly place through mismanagement.

  5. The parents have every right to be concerned about their daughter’s. Do you know that in Kenya a woman is raped every thirty minutes?
    The police have to make the streets safe.

  6. I think suicide in the Indos are attributed to culture.
    They are brought up to be non violent. The Indian movies play a big part in shaping their lives.
    They are taught not to fight with anyone, hence they are the most robbed and beaten up in Guyana. Ironic, in the Diaspora this kind of crap will never happen!
    They are taught to marry for life in Guyana!
    Their husband or wife is chosen.
    If she don’t like ‘him’, well, see the door to ‘bad’ life or maybe suicide???
    When punishment and hardship come knocking on their doors,
    they were told that ‘yuh marry am arready, yuh gat foh bear am steady’.
    Even if they return to the parents, the parents will take them back.
    This message is toxic!

  7. woopieeeeeee…they now discovering what the hole world knew millions years ago..
    they do know de reason why east indians kill themselves more….they live in a bloody pressure cooker when living at home..parents beating them..brothers beating sisters from the time man hiss at them..indian parents listen to whispers and gossip..from the time they hear their children talking to this boy or that girl is like hell break loose..they cant wait for that child to come home or they go get them.the parents start with the verbal abuse then it leads to a severe beating..
    even if its not true what the whispers say..then the fathers..oh me mumma..
    de indian fathers will go drink up lil bit rum..then he cant wait to get home to dig lash pon he dauthers..while he pelting blows pon them he goes like dis “is man yuh want eh is man yuh want nuh yuh cant want man an living unda me roof”
    they tell their kids the most horrible things..they degrade their kids during that moment..

  8. Mr Hammie’s 80th birthday is coming up next month and I guess that he is now focusing on a Big celebration. Not many of us make it to 80.


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