Mayor gave his blessings for Sooba’s appointment as Town Clerk – Whittaker



By Fareeza Haniff

Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Norman Whittaker
Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Norman Whittaker

[] – Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Norman Whittaker is alleging that Mayor of Georgetown, Hamilton Greene approved the appointment of Carol Sooba as Town Clerk, prior to the official announcement.

Whittaker made the revelation during his appearance on the radio show ‘Hard Talk’ on 90.1FM on Sunday, October 19, hosted by Chris Chapwanya. According to Whittaker, he consulted with Greene on Sooba’s appointment.

Since Sooba’s appointment, she and Greene have been at loggerheads; causing a rift between the City Council.

“The Mayor gave us his blessings…because we asked, if not Ms Sooba, can you identify someone else. We did discuss it. I did indicate to the Mayor that this is the direction we wanted to go and he didn’t offer an alternative,” Whittaker said.

He further explained that there was no talk of Public Relations Officer of the Mayor and City Council, Royston King being an alternative to Sooba at that time.

According to King, minutes of several meetings during the time would show the Mayor’s comments on King’s performance at the Council. Mayor Greene is on record as saying that Sooba was forced on the council and that she is not qualified to hold the Town Clerk position.

Given the fact that Sooba’s house has been targeted several times, she hired a personal bodyguard, Sean Hinds. Hinds has been implicated in several criminal activities in the past; however, Whittaker says the allegations were never proven.

Town Clerk (ag) Carol Sooba and Mayor Hamilton Green.
Town Clerk (ag) Carol Sooba and Mayor Hamilton Green.

“I have no material to suggest that the person is/was engaged in any criminal activity, so I would not publicly make any pronouncement on that…no court as far as I am aware has determined that.”

He made it clear that Sooba has a right to choose who she wants to protect her and is adamant that the bodyguard is not being paid with taxpayers’ money; however, when asked by Chapwanya, Whittaker could not say who is paying Hinds.


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