Loving each other: The story of Shimron and Nirvani Hetmyer

Shemron and Nirvani
Shimron and Nirvani

By Jemima Holmes

In this modern age of technology, Disney and Pixar have painted many a love story for all the world to see. But those things do not happen in real life. Or do they?

Many people like to think that love has its reservations. Love does not just knock on your door and step in, nor does your soulmate appear in your Facebook messages ready to enamour you for a lifetime. But one thing you will learn is that love knows no bounds, location, age nor race and this is one love story that has trumped all boundaries of doubt.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of watching Shimron Hetmyer out in the 22-yards, one thing that is certain is the determination and zest that the young man has to play the gentlemen’s game. One should not find it surprising to discover that the 24-year-old West Indian batsman has transferred this same resolve to his personal life.

“Well, it was basically from talking on Facebook really. I would message and message and she never replied until once about a couple months after,” a cheeky Hetmyer said, as he reflected on how he met and pursued his wife.

Maybe the young man was sure even before the first message that she was “the one” and although it is difficult for this writer to ascertain, one feature that played a huge role in his infatuation was the eyes. It seems Hetty and Scarface’s Tony Montana had the same thought… “The eyes, chico. They never lie.”

“She is smart, super funny, has gorgeous eyes and a magnificent mind,” were Shimron’s choice of words in describing his wife, who is now Nirvani Hetmyer.

The times when they are together, physically, are passed in lovers’ bliss, engaging in their favourite activities, alone or with family.

Hetmyer shared some of their go-to pastimes, saying,” “Playing cards, partying, travelling and sometimes swimming.”

But alas! The life of an international cricketer is a hectic one, filled with lots of travel and time playing abroad. Without question, this type of obligation can strain a relationship but Hetmyer has found the “je ne sais quoi” to remedy it.

“It is very difficult, to be honest, I get her to travel with me, so that helps. And we talk a lot too (When I’m away),” he commented on their way to combat the distance.

When it comes to cricket, Nirvani plays an enormous role in his career. We can even go as far as to say that she plays the most instrumental part and by the looks of the faithful wife who sits contentedly in the stands of the National Stadium, Providence – even when the boisterous crowds are missing at Regional Games. Nirvani is most likely Shimron’s biggest fan.

“She plays a massive role. She pushes me to my limit and helps me to be a better person,” an enraptured Hetty shared.

The Guyanese batsman added, “By helping me to work harder with my game. And on my game.”

The Hetmyers are not the type to show off or boast, in actuality they enjoy the familiarity of being together and privacy; but their social media accounts are quite the documentary of their love.

“That love is worth fighting (for) no matter the odds,” Shimron answered when probed about what this relationship has taught him.

When hit with the question of what life lessons the couple has learned while being together, Hetmyer answered, “That you shouldn’t be ashamed to put your love life up for the world to see. And to love unconditionally because nobody knows what tomorrow brings.”

A lesson that every young couple may hope to learn in the comfort of each other’s embrace.