Young love: Rachael and Timothy looking ahead to new beginnings

Timothy and Rachael
Timothy and Rachael

Getting engaged may sound exciting but the afterthought of spending an entire lifetime with someone can seem intimidating.

For engaged couple Timothy Jaikaran and Rachael Stoll, it is a stepping stone to a new journey and one that they are eagerly waiting for. Timothy and Rachel are now planning for their wedding in August and spent some time with Guyana Times, where they spoke about their aspirations for the future.

But to give a little insight, we heard a little about how it all began. The couple shared that they have known each other for several years. In fact, they were initially members of the same church and it was during activities at these services that they connected years later.

“It was a Sunday morning service when we officially spoke in person and thereafter, we continued to meet every Sunday after church service while waiting on our parents, just spending a little time talking and growing our friendship as it would grow to be more than we know. After months went by and our interest in each other grew, we decided that we would enter into a relationship. A few days later he suggested that we come forward and tell our parents, pastor and friends,” Rachael recalled.

As their relationship progressed, Timothy proposed in 2019 and now they are all set to have a happily ever after, beginning with plans for a wedding.

Timothy popped the question in 2019

He expressed, “We knew that from there we were going to get married and there was no turning back when we entered into a relationship, hence when I proposed we both knew that answer was going to be yes.”

According to the bride-to-be, they had already committed to the relationship, having been influenced by their religious upbringing. Of course, trust and understanding for each other would have made it an easier decision.

“At the start of our relationship, we made that choice that we are leading our relationship into marriage, there will be no room to entertain space or a break-up. Because it’s a choice to stay together and maintaining our relationship requires understanding, trust and love. One of our main influence is having a Christian background, parents that guide and encourages us about marriage and the importance of living a Godly life.”

As they draw the blueprint of their wedding, it has been challenging due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

They were forced to reduce gatherings and modify some traditions in order to make it a safe celebration. Rachel said they have entrusted responsibilities to loved ones, in ensuring all goes according to plan. Even with a venue in place, safe distancing and protecting their guests remains important. The plan is to keep the celebrations limited to family and close friends.

“We had to make decisions to reduce the number of invitees and make changes to certain traditional activities given the current restrictions. But we are trusting God that all goes well with a little planning and dedication. However, we are on the right path as we have managed to secure a place for the event and decided on the tasks each person is assigned,” she expressed.

They are hoping that everything materialises successfully so that they can embark on fulfilling their goals as a married couple. Timothy shared that they are not expecting it to be all good times, since challenges do arise. However, both of them are committed to making it work.

“Marriage is not a bed of roses and you never know everything about a person no matter what you assume you already know were the words of inspiration from our elders. As we take this journey into marriage I can only say, that I will be looking forward to spending the rest of my life with my best friend and soul mate.”

The couple with loved ones

When asked about their goals, the young couple said they are looking forward to starting a business to support their income, building a house, furthering their studies, starting a family and most importantly, never losing interest in each other.

“Our goal is to be financially stable and having/started the process of a home of our own before starting a family. Though we can never tell what’s in store, we put it in the hands of God. As married couples grow old together, they sometimes stop showing interest in each other and they eventually fall out of love. Our goal is to keep the fire burning. There are many ways a couple can show their affection for each other,” they said.

At present, they have learnt a few lessons and are making changes that will positively impact their relationship.

Timothy, who is a Sports journalist with Guyana Times expounded, “Never let anger be the key that drives you apart, forgiveness is more important, be adults and forgive and move on. Any relationship is vital and if you hold bitterness and anger you will never be able to move forward. Don’t spread your business with anyone but your better half, your friends, neighbours etc do not need to know what is going on in your relationship.”

“It is better to separate the issue from the individual. And from that we have learned to communicate better so if a disagreement arises, we are able to communicate in a better way as compared to both getting angry and not talking to each other. We have learnt over time that forgiveness is the key and moving forward is best so as to avoid the same situation as we learn from our mistakes,” they advised.