Bonded by love for over 20 years: Linden couple tells love story

Lindeners Sean and Juel Howell share a toast to long life and marriage
Lindeners Sean and Juel Howell share a toast to long life and marriage

By Utamu Belle

Everyone dreams of having a life partner – someone who complements and completes our very existence in a loving, fulfilling and healthy way. One who we can share our life experiences with and create memorable, meaningful and cherished memories, as we progress along our life’s journey.

For Lindeners Sean and Juel Howell, that healthy fulfilling journey started over twenty years ago.

The couple, who are parents to a son has been together for 24 years and has been married for twenty-one years. They continue to be an inspirational example to many, with the perfect example of healthy love, relationship and friendship.

The couple recalled that their decades-long journey together commenced when they met and built on their friendship.

They admitted though, that like with any friendship or relationship, their union had its fair share of challenges earlier on, but they continue to evolve and overcome those challenges with their faith and trust in God.

“Our journey during the many years have been quite challenging for the earlier years, but as time went by it all smoothed out… It has its little ups and downs, but by God’s grace all’s well,” Sean Howell related.

He noted that working through issues on their own has also been an effective method throughout the years. That, coupled with their religious beliefs.

“During the many years, we have not turned to anyone for advice in any aspect but we always try to work things out on our own… It has been effective throughout the years.”

“The key elements for our togetherness throughout the years are our honesty and openness to each other,” he added.

Howell re-emphasised that the couple has managed to stay grounded, due to their Christian beliefs which they utilise for the basis of a healthy relationship. Sean Howell told this publication that a healthy relationship can be considered as one which is mentally, emotionally and physically stable. He said in some cases, the lack of stability and honesty in a relationship can lead to issues such as domestic violence. As such, he advised couples to work on these aspects in their relationships and marriages.

“The journey of marriage is a process that only those who enter it can experience. That’s why we always advise any young couple to be themselves and try not to impersonate anyone,” Howell said.

He shared that trying to evaluate situations and coming up with positive solutions together is also one of the keys to a longstanding relationship.

“To begin with, giving up is not the only solution to your day-to-day problems. When problems arise, it is always wise to step back for a few to see what may be the cause and then look to come up with a positive solution together,” Howell advised.