Lexus Vehicles: Re – migrant couple caught up in middle of alleged vendetta between AG, Lall

One of the Lexus vehicles at the center of an investigation by the GRA.

By Kurt Campbell

Attorney General, Anil Nandlall.
Attorney General, Anil Nandlall.

[] – The re – migrant couple in whose names the two Lexus vehicles, now at the center of an alleged $40M tax fraud, were imported is maintaining that there was no breach of the tax laws of Guyana. 

A family member told iNews during an interview that the couple retired and returned to Guyana to live with their son. Their son is the Customs Officer, who reportedly prevented Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) Enforcement Officers from taking possession of the vehicles on Friday night [August 29].

He and is parents are close friends with Kaieteur News’ Publisher, Glen Lall, who allegedly drives the vehicles.

When iNews visited the Continental Park, East Bank Demerara residence earlier today [Sunday, August 31] to talk to the couple, they made it clear that the vehicles were in their possession as they live with their son but pointed out that family members along with the Lalls are close friends would from time to time use the vehicles. 

 “What wrong have we committed? We haven’t sold the vehicles. We haven’t cheated GRA of any revenue,” they lamented to iNews and denied that any skullduggery had taken place.

Kaieteur News Publisher, Glen Lall
Kaieteur News Publisher, Glen Lall

They pointed out that the vehicles were at the registered address and accused the GRA of wanting to take possession of the vehicles unlawfully.

iNews understands that the vehicles became the center of attraction of the Guyana Revenue Authority after the Kaieteur News carried a story accusing Attorney General, Anil Nandlall’s official vehicle of being used to film and monitor its offices on Saffon Street, La Penitence. 

 Both Nandlall and GRA Commissioner General Khursid Sattaur have been accused of pursuing a personal vendetta against Lall.

When contacted by iNews, Nandlall denied such claims.

“This incident has nothing to do with me, this investigation was initiated months before my incident with Kaieteur News,” he said.

d355a82ab2bf1a6ec3cdd7cab61806c0_M iNews was also told that Minister Nandlall’s wife, who works with the GRA drives his duty free vehicles.  When asked about this, the AG said, “I have two vehicles from which I benefited from duty free concessions and their time has long expired… I am saying again this has nothing to do with me and if anyone feels I acted wrongfully then have me investigated,” adding that “the comparison is outrageous, that is my wife, whatever I own, she owns. I don’t know that Glen Lall is married to any of the re – migrants.”

 The publisher of Kaieteur News is reportedly out of Guyana and was not using the vehicle at the time it was impounded by GRA for investigations. 

The traumatized couple is reportedly seeking legal advice and is demanding justice and fair play; stating that there vehicles were legally imported and processed through the relevant authorities and that all conditions were adhered to.

“We don’t want to be victimized because of personal problems bet‎ween Glenn Lall and Anil Nandlall. We are asking that our vehicles be returned. We are lawful citizens and not part of any neither personal nor political games,” the couple pointed out.

The Customs Act says that only if sold, leased or transferred, within the three years (in this case), then GRA can take possessions of the vehicles.

The couple said none of these breaches took place and as believe that GRA’s intervention is indeed personal. They said they have adhered to all conditions under the concession.

 On Friday night there was a standoff when GRA officers attempted to seize the vehicles. However, several hours later the vehicles were handed over to GRA Officers by the son of the couple.



  1. The PPP/C is for all.
    Your PNC poison will not be bought by Indians or Africans.
    You sound like the master deceiver.
    Remember Mayor Green wife just paid her Ten (10) millions of back taxes.
    How many more of you Georgetown business people owed taxes?

  2. The PPP is evil even against Indian Guyanese, so do not run away with the belief that the PPP is for Indians; it is for anyone who is for it. It comes first. The more you consider the nature of this lawless government is the more you have to conclude lawlessness is the only antidote!


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