Bai Shan Lin commences road rehabilitation efforts as promised


unnamed (16)[] – The initial stages of a massive road rehabilitation programme in Region Ten (10) have begun in the community of Kwakwani, with significant support from Bai Shan Lin International Forest Development Inc, the company said in a press release today.

The work, which began on Friday, will see approximately 5 miles of internal roadways in Kwakwani being rehabilitated and is expected to be concluded within ten days.

“The newly formed Linden Kwakwani Road Users Association (LKRUA) which represents several logging associations in Region Ten is spearheading the efforts with key support from members of the Kwakwani Natural Resources Organisation (KNRO) and the Upper Berbice Forest and Agriculture Producers Association (UBFAPA)” the release added.

BaiShanLin has reportedly been meeting with representatives of the LKRUA over the last several weeks to map out a detailed plan on the company’s support for road rehabilitation efforts in the Region.unnamed (18)

BaiShanLin and the LKRUA recognize that for the efforts to yield maximum results, all stakeholders, including other companies operating in the Region, must play a role in the overall efforts.  In this regard, BaiShanLin has moved to take the lead and is currently supporting the efforts with 4 trucks and a loader, as requested by the LKRUA.

Chairman of BaiShanLin, Chu Wenze said the company is happy to be associated with this initiative and stands ready to continue lending support to the communities in which a significant number of people benefit both directly and indirectly, from the company’s operations.  He pointed out that the company has been supporting such activities for some time and welcomes the move by loggers to organize into groups that can more effectively work to bring about improvements.

BaiShanLin, Wenze said, has always operated in an atmosphere of openness and inclusivity and holds in high regard, the continuation and further development of a healthy and productive relationship with the communities in which it operates. The company has, and will continue to operate within the confines of regulations governing the forestry sector, and the laws of Guyana.






  1. There is no one who can doubt the role of Kaieteur news, followed by Stabroek News, in prompting this rehabilitative attempt. Now, let us get the true facts and figures about the activities of Bai Shan Lin and other Asian loggers in Guyana, and whether Bai Shan Lin received duty-free concessions for luxury vehicles even though it is only supposed to be doing exploratory work.

    inewsguyana, you guys need to ask the GFC to have Bai Shan Lin list all the equipment and vehicles it has imported duty-free for exploratory work, which work started in 2007 and should not take seven years to complete or should not allow Bai Shan Lin to acquire other logging companies and export logs in commercial quantities.


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