LETTER: Vishnu Persaud victimized for being a professional


Dear Editor,

It is not surprising that Vishnu Persaud is now collateral damage of the APNU managed GECOM resulting in him being side-lined for a favoured supporter as the new deputy CEO of GECOM.

The Chairman of GECOM and its government appointed commissioners are making a mess of their responses to the appointment of the new DECO, leaving members of the public without any factual information. I wonder if this is by accident or design. However, it also points to the poor public relations emanating from the Commission, another position which was favoured by the new Chairman. The Commission’s public relations is weak and more aspersions will be casted upon an organization which is supposed to be impartial.

But in retrospect, the way in which the Chairman was appointed by the government is indicative of its ‘we don’t care’ position and only the government’s choices are considered. So this trend which Vishnu Persaud is a victim began since the current government took office resulting in numerous sacking of professionals. Where is the Ethnic Relations Commission, Human Rights Association, Indian Action Committee, etc….Or even Freddie Kissoon someone who always claim to stand against injustice and say it as it is without fear or favour. I therefore call on Mr. Kissoon’s pen and his knowledge of Guyana’s political history to let all Guyanese know where we are and where we are heading as a nation politically.

Editor, as a person of mixed Guyanese heritage I am saddened of where my country is heading. From all the articles I read; online and newspapers, I can positively conclude that Vishnu Persaud is a professional at what he does even though aspersions are being casted on his reputation by none other than the Chairman of GECOM and Commissioner Vincent Alexander who did not object to his earlier appointment.

It is clear now more than ever, this government will continue to do as it pleases without a worry of transparency and a complete disregard of what is best for Guyana and the interest of all our peoples. We all need to stand up and muzzle this monster of racial discrimination within the APNU government and by extension GECOM. I deliberately omit AFC, which is now a mere toothless puddle witnessing the onslaught of professional public servants.

I urge all Guyanese to see beyond the politics and see ourselves as our brothers’ keeper and focus on moving Guyana forward rather than be subjected to racial and political profiling, which will keep Guyana labelled as a third world country.

With Regards,

Christine Cadogan (Mrs.)



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