Letter to the Editor: Exorbitant Pay Increases for an Undeserving Infant Government


Dear Editor,

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Guyanese are noticeably baffled about the steep pay increases for the just five months old APNU-AFC Government. How can a conscious and responsible Government rationalize personal pay increases, while the nation is in economic mayhem?

How can a minister of government find this justifiable? The said minister also atrociously support this justification by saying, the pay increase is necessary to avoid them from stealing. Is this the parliamentarians we want to manage our nation, our children’s future and livelihoods?

In just over five months, we have witnessed, economic downturn in the agricultural sector, stagnation in the private sector, threat to our border sovereignty and grave uncertainties in the solvency of many industries. To add to this worrying economic lookout, the investing world was also given the impression Guyana was bankrupted by this Government.

The results of such reckless disclosures and inability to develop strong and tactical diplomacies have pushed our economy in deeper turmoil and volatility. Despite all the alarming issues, this Administration is focused on pay increase, affluent accommodations, time-offs and benefits. These are dark signs for the welfare of Guyana and the livelihood of Guyanese.

We must be reminded it was same the APNU/ AFC coalition which campaigned on the notions of transparency, accountability, inclusionary governance and offered the Utopian idea of a good life. However, to date, their actions and policies have been contrary to these promises. As many of their programs, and plans are made behind closed doors. For example, their pay hikes were not disclosed to the public but rather gazette in secrecy. Another example of the lack of transparency is the forensic audits had no public tender rather millions were giving to particular individuals with obvious conflicts of interest.

How is this transparent? From the beginning, the agenda of this coalition was clear to usurp power at all means. Guyanese were basically used and lured by empty words and hopeless promises for their votes. Today, Guyanese across the length and breathe of our nation is regretting their decision to vote for this Government. They had promised the public sector a 20% salary increase but reneged on their words.

What have they done to help the ordinary Guyanese? They have discriminatory fired about 1900 Amerindians. They discontinued the $10,000 school voucher, stop the one laptop for family program, ruined the rice markets, and jeopardized the sugar industry’s future. Meanwhile, crime has amplified, businesses has seized and people are bemoaning the rising cost of living. Is this the change and idea of a good life? Yet, it is just for this five infant government to give themselves undeserving exorbitant pay increases.

If the budget and finances were insufficient for a 20% increases to public servants how can it facilitate millions in pay hikes for them. Editor, it must also be recounted the ANPU-AFC government claimed the PPP had bankrupted Guyana so where are they getting all this money now? The Coalition Government alleged the PPP of mismanaging public funds what are they doing now? In such far, the forensic audit has proved futile in showing how the PPP mismanaged funds.

Also under the PPP tenure there was little or no interest on pay increases. Editor, my views remain firm, why should the working class people of our country labor for pennies while their elected officials use the treasury as a personal penny bank? Guyanese must unite and stand strong against this blatant abuse and mismanagement of taxpayers’ monies.

Thank You,

Mahendra Hariraj – New York Diaspora

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  1. Arthur that’s kool. Constructive criticism is good but Guyanese must be fair. Cant encourage this new group to do what the last bunch did. They had a small elite group that was milking the system while the rest of Guyanese stood helpless.

  2. Hi Gloriay are you saying you are ok with this increase? You should speak a bit more intelligently living in the US. Do you think the US government can pull off this kind of stunt with a idiotic response, saying this is to avoid the ministers from stealing. LOL. No one is saying what the PPP was doing was right but is this the change Guyanese voted for. Jump out of the frying pan into the fire.

  3. Since you are Independent, and Dumb as your the Forensic audit could have tell
    you it was money earn and not stolen ! get a grip of your self !!

  4. This article wreaks of PPPC propaganda. Let it be known that you do not speak for me and for thousands of us in the diaspora. Where were you when for 23 years the PPPC destroyed the very fabric of our beautiful country and ran amok with the treasury. Where were you when members of the PPPC, their families and friends became filthy rich and in many instances millionaires literally overnight? The current Administration has been in office for a mere five months, so will you be kind enough to afford them the freedom to focus on what the people elected them to do before airing your unfounded negative criticisms. Your party did a miserable job or rather no job for the last 23 years, except enriching themselves so be quiet.

  5. It’s funny how all the negative people find time to comment on what the APNU/AFC is doing , but when the PPP was in there stealing the money building properties, hotels, bridges etc, with tax payers money and claiming it’s investors money. Where were these people that are commenting on everything that goes on in the new elected Government. It’s time for you people to come together and gave constructive criticism and help build the country.

  6. it’s baa baa black sheep have you any wool yes sir yes sir a lot of money for the minister in your government and nothing for the poorly who need a little 5% for to for light bill ,water, transportation ,schools ,1 gallon of rice ,2 pound of sugar half pound salt 2pound flour ,$500 fish ,1 pound chicken for a month and start to think again to do it for the next week ahead please no milk for the baby if you have two pants and two shirt to wear no soap to have a bath in the morning or afternoon good living for Guyanese people by this government A.P.N.U/A.F.C means all people not understand /a fool come to rule Guyana

  7. Letter to the Editor: Exorbitant Pay Increases for an Undeserving Infant Government.
    Guyanese are noticeably baffled about the steep pay increases for the just five months old APNU-AFC Government. How can a conscious and responsible Government rationalize personal pay increases, while the nation is in economic mayhem?

    How can a minister of government find this justifiable?

    There is lots of how can since PNC was installed to rule by US.

    Their gullible sheeples will take all thrown at them and when come election they marx x on PNC ballots. Now that it’s back to business most PNC supporters wont even bother showing up at polling stations to cast their votes knowing they will win just like how PNC used to win all those elections held up until 92.

  8. Nagamootoo and Ramjattan are happy with the salary increases and other perks. Also they are happy with the appointment of Hamilton Green as the head of CHPA and other PNC stalwarts in positions of power that ruined Guyana in the past.

  9. While I’m not in agreement with the pay raise at this time whoever you are don’t speak for every Guyanese at home or in the desporia and you don’t speak for me this smells of PPP propaganda machine at work and I’m not affiliated to neither party I am independent of such but I love my country and of affluence don’t try to be foolish you would have to be blind to what was going on there those mansions didn’t materialize out of nowhere and the cost of living was already high and the quality of life was in the gutter no pun intended so for you to say that in five months the country is bankrupt is a disservice to intelligence people your mind is what is bankrupt.

  10. What’s infant about this govt?? This is what moses,khemraj and all the vagabonds in power are doing to this infant guyana… everything is on a downward slope.. and still u giving increases to these people who already has lots in them pockets before then took office because of the criminals they represented in the courts esp the drugs pins.. strange times we live in.. and add insult to injury the said the ppp left no money in the treasury… where is this money coming from…


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