Pres Granger to address Parliament’s resumption on October 22



By Jomo Paul

President David Granger during a recent address to the National Assembly
President David Granger during a recent address to the National Assembly

[] – The National Assembly is set to come out of its annual recess on October 22, with an address to the Parliament by President David Granger.

This was revealed by Government’s Chief Whip Amna Ally, who told iNews that the President will be focusing his address on the current Guyana/Venezuela border controversy.

Asked what other business from the Government would be on the Order Paper, Ally stated that it has not yet been sorted.

“I don’t know what else will be on the order paper as yet, I do know the President’s address will be the main thing,” she stated.

While Parliament is currently reccess, the resumption is expected to be met with protest inside the Parliaments chambers and outside of parliament.

Already the Opposition PPP has indicated its intentions to oppose the increase to salaries of Ministers.

Civil Society group Red Thread has already indicated that it will be protesting outside of Public Buildings on Thursday.

The protest has been dubbed as a “Stand Against Fat Cat Politrickians.”

Legal Affairs Minister Basil Williams had indicate that the Government will be laying a motion to increase parliamentary salaries in the National Assembly.



  1. So there was no money to continue the Walter Rodney Commission of Enquiry, but loads for Ministerial salaries…The PNC is shooting itself in the head since the obvious allegation will be that they stopped the Enquiry because they were indeed guilty of killing Dr Rodney. And all the while Rodney’s trusted comrade, Rupert Roopnaraine, remains passive and silent, and the distinguished and heroic Professor Clive Thomas, who withstood Burnham’s criminality, also says nothing…Who would have thought the WPA would behave so oddly, to put it mildly…?


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