Letter to the Editor: Dr. Gopaul challenges accuracy of Recovery Unit report, condemns ‘damage to character of former ministers’

The Donald Ramotar administration.

Dear Editor,

Former Minister of Labour, Dr. Nanda Gopaul.
Former Minister of Labour, Dr. Nanda Gopaul.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The media houses today reported that Dr. Nanda K. Gopaul, a former Minister of Labour, along with other colleagues should be held liable and charged criminally over “Pradoville 2” sale of lands.

I wish to state categorically that I am not the holder of any plot of land at that location nor did I play any role in the allocation of land at that location.  Further, I played no role in the decision making process involving the sale of those house lots.  I was not a Minister of the Government when those lots were allocated and I view with grave concern the attempt by the State Asset Recovery Unit or any other agency of Government to malign my name and impugn my character, as being part of some alleged illegal activity, by naming me.  It is clear that there was haphazard work done by the Government agency and appears clear that the current Government is attempting to embarrass former Government officials.

I see nothing wrong or illegal in the development of any housing project by the Government of Guyana under the PPP Government. (Pradoville 2 included)

This attempt by arms of the current Government to seek to sensationalize issue and damage the character of former Government officials must be condemned and highlighted as a bad omen which will create further division in our Society.

I take serious view of the SARU report, if it is correct, and the follow up reporting by the media houses of same.  I therefore seek a complete retraction and an appropriate apology with equal prominence over this misinformation, which has done irreparable harm to my integrity and character.

Dr.  Nanda K. Gopaul



  1. Mr Gopaul is a vindictive lair let him tell you the truth behind The Former Chief Co operative officer removal from his post during the Corrupt PPP administration. Let him speak if he is truthful and of of course nothing come out of his mouth but lies.so this man cannot be trusted.

  2. Well well Mr Gopaul, so much for ‘kissing ass’ with new regime… everyone in the past government was being tarnished since 2007 as a grand strategy and it became stupendously worst prior to May 11th, 2015 !!!! Except Mr Jagdeo and few others most of you for various reasons including ‘ass kissing” and having your own internal differences resulted in the exacerbated attacks against the PPP/C Governance. You sat idle… Payback is a bitch…

  3. Lord have mercy these parasitic tapeworms have no idea how the outside world views them…. Lawless, corrupt, incompetent ad without ant moral compass……. The behaviour of party as a whole and individual ministers in particular demonstrate all one need to know to form that opinion …

  4. Letter to the Editor: Dr. Gopaul challenges accuracy of Recovery Unit report, condemns ‘damage to character of former ministers’

    PNC witch hunting. Throwing this that the other just to deflect attention that the installed rulers bankrupt Guyana already.


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