Letter: It is a nightmare of residents next to White Castle Fish Shop


Dear Editor,

letterI would like to write about an issue which seldom gets the attention of the news agencies, one which the authorities, more specifically the ‘A’ Division Police force has tried to tackle in the pass, but somehow failed to contain it; a routine occurrence which could be described as nothing short of ‘lawless’. I am referring to the Hadfield Street’s White Castle Fish Shop fiasco every Friday nights.

I would like to start by saying I have absolutely no problem with White Castle’s business model, in fact, I would buy their fish from time to time; what I do have a problem with, however, is having them as a neighbour.

Let me begin with the noise nuisance. Every Friday evening starting at about 21:00h the Fish Shop’s patrons would set up their vehicles with loud music sets to begin what I refer to as a ‘headache cocktail’. They would all at once (sometimes 4 to as much as 10 vehicles) play different music as loud as their hyped up portable sound systems can play. Apparently the fish shop’s loud music isn’t enough.

This nuisance continues throughout the night until 2:00h the following morning. During this time vulgar music is played; illicit drugs are used; patrons urinate on neighbouring buildings, walkways, driveways and in the drains; prostitutes solicit; beer bottles and empty boxes are thrown all over the streets, the avenue and right in front of the residents’ houses. This is all done on the public road (not in a club or bar). The police do pass from time to time, and the music is lowered for a few minutes, then it goes right back to square one once they leave.

It is very unfortunate if you own a vehicle and live near the fish shop. Firstly you have to get home and park before 21:00h, since your driveway apparently serves as parking for the fish shop patrons. If you were to show up and find a car parked in your driveway you would have to search for the driver or drive away and park elsewhere, then take a taxi to return home. Sometimes even if you do find the driver they are reluctant to move, and you don’t want to risk arguing with a ‘drunk man’.

So you get bullied and you move. Other nights when you do get to park early, and you have to get back out, you’re greeted with persons ‘liming’ and bracing against your car, with alcoholic bottles rested on the roof and/or trunk of your vehicle. I would usually have to frequent the body shop to get rid of scratches and dents as a result of this atrocity.

Lastly, there’s the aftermath. The fish shop would start removing the evidence of a drunken, lawless night as soon as they are closed. When residents step out the following morning all that remain are some broken bottles, probably a few new scratches on their vehicles and the most putrid sent of urination. A few of the nearby businesses would have their employees come an hour early for work to wash down the filth that White Castle and its patrons left behind.

After reading this letter I am sure that you will all feel the same way I feel about this situation. It needs to be monitored and policed at minimum. It really shouldn’t even be allowed since the patrons are not in a club nor bar – they are on the public road, therefore the 2:00 hrs cutoff should not apply to them. In fact, they should not be drinking on the public road at all. The residents of the area are fed up, and we are therefore hoping for a ‘change’.

I urge the authorities to look into this matter. And I am hopeful that this letter gets the attention of the ‘A’ Division Commander, the Minister of Public Security, and the Minister of Communities. I also urge the various news agencies to show up at around midnight on any Friday and be a witness to how the Fish Shop and its patrons affect the mostly residential area with noise and solid waste pollution, public urination and prostitution (which may be more difficult to observe).

For my own safety, I will be using a false name under this letter.

John Doe



  1. I can only imagine what citizens are enduring all across Guyana this plague continues unabated. The real culprits are the law enforcers who take their cut to become deaf and blind in an instant. At a wedding where I was staying there was this big black box music set. When played you can hear it from 4 to 5 blocks away. Peoples homes were rattling at about 4 in the morning. Police came to that wedding house 3 times that Saturday night and all 3 times the music was turned off. As soon as police take their cut the boom went full throttle until a next set of police showed up. 3 different set of officers showed up but none could stop the suffering that citizens endured that Saturday night. Next morning the street was littered with plastic bottles and cups broken glass bottles and lets not talk about the urine stench. It’s a plague that gripped Guyana so it’s not only the fish shop. Last but not least you dare not challenge anyone of these wedding house guest when they park on your bridge blocking you from entering or leaving your home. One woman complained but was promptly told ” we know where you live you don’t know where we live” Figure out the threat there.

  2. Yo people, sorry to say this but why is White Castle the only one mentioned here? Jerry’s is just as bad, and a lot of places in town have the same lawlessness going on, the places stink to no end. I think every rum shop law should be enforced and these people need to stop being able to send a Guiness to the police so they will ignore it. Sad but true.

  3. Those people need to be educated about respect for self fellow men decency cleanliness and community

  4. Many times I drive past this area after hours of 12 and this lawless behaviour is prevalent……same thing happens at seetas bar in station street kitty……

  5. White Castle-Georgetown-Guyana:

    This Fast Food Eatery MUST never be allowed to have their customers Urinate, Litter, and play Loud Car Music outside their premises.

    This behavior will never be condoned in the USA, where they are from.

  6. Quite a lot of business people with these big music set have no regards for the people around them they play music all sorts of ridiculous hours and don’t care if people are sick or well they play their music loudly for all times of the night. They will sometimes play their music night and day.
    All these big boxes throughout the country need to respect their fellow citizens.

  7. This is why , when applying for a license to do any business. Someone need to make sure the place is convenient for that type of business. Drinking on the road is a common thing. In the US, you get a ticket for that .

  8. i think you should put up your name if you are so brave to lie then put your name up that guy is a good man he will never encourage that

  9. Really..last time I checked this place closes at mid night and by 2am its a ghost town.Noted that if you live close by and don’t take part in this it will be very annoying,but the person who penned this letter is clearly blowing this out of proportion.Monitor the area of course and put some guidelines in place certainly.


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