Activists protest against Jagdeo, Nandlall & Ramsaran being Parliamentarians

The protesters outside Freedom House. [iNews' Photo]

By Jomo Paul

Freddie Kissoon. [iNews' Photo]
Freddie Kissoon. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – A small group of activists are not pleased with the news that Former President Bharrat Jagdeo will be heading to Parliament as the Leader of the People’s Progressive Party Opposition.

The activists, who mounted a Tuesday midday protest outside of Freedom House on Robb Street, want Jagdeo to be recalled by the PPP from being Opposition Leader.

They also want Former Attorney General Anil Nandlall and Former Health Minister Dr Bheri Ramsaran to be disqualified from entering parliament.

Some of the protesters. [iNews' Photo]
Some of the protesters. [iNews’ Photo]
“How can the opposition leader in Guyana perform his national duty when he is perceived not only to be a racist but to be someone who has made the worst sociological statements against African Guyanese?” questioned Freddie Kissoon, who was among the protesters.

The protesters outside Freedom House. [iNews' Photo]
The protesters outside Freedom House. [iNews’ Photo]
According to Kissoon, Jagdeo has no moral authority to represent the interests of Guyanese people as the Leader of the Opposition and will be pursuing his myopic interests.

“He will have an office that is funded from the treasury and he will be performing a narrow ethnic task. No, that is unacceptable; he should be recalled as Opposition Leader because he is racist,” the Columnist added.

Meanwhile, Red Thread President, Karen DeSouza was also on the picket line to voice her objection.

Red Thread President, Karen DeSouza. [iNews' Photo]
Red Thread President, Karen DeSouza. [iNews’ Photo]
“Ramsaran and Nandlall have demonstrated that…they are abusers of power and I don’t understand how they are putting abusers of women into the parliament” said DeSouza.

The Leader of the 1823 Monument Coalition, Penda Guyan told iNews that she would not support an “outright racist” and a “terrorist” in the legislative arm of government.



  1. O..Are you referring to the legal” PICK POCKET”??and yes the coalition will be keeping an eye on the “CROOKS”….aka legal “PICK POCKET”..jagdeo and his gang

  2. How so anni…you should be a shame for writing that stupid comment…what should the opposition be scared about.. jagdeo coming back to fleece the Guyanese people some more? …HELL YES…but guess what that is not going to happen.. all of those NO GOOD thieves should all go to hell, for leaving that country in such a mess after they made their friends and family rich…those no good bastards!!

  3. Veronika, I totally agree with you on this topic and jagdeo does needs to face the court. I am trusting the universe intervenes and he dies from some terrible disease. Have you read what one of his bitches (lawyers) saying about the judge, questioning her ability to put his ass through the court?

  4. Nick , after careful consideration I would say , definitely THE HIPPO . And like the HIPPO, which attacks anything that moves, Freddie would attack anything that spells JAGDEO.

  5. on the subject of crooked politician, lets call some other names, carl grinnege, H.GREENE, M.MAGAMATOO among others

  6. Nick ah gon answer you the best I can .Forgive me if i am not so accurate . But to me , nah he resemble anybody or anything but a comic strip moe resemble he, though not quite fully. Yuh look and see how he mouth set like he want fuh ketch fly?

  7. veronica, is not jagdeo face yuh see deh !! is Freddie face !!!1 check back .!! he get nice now … ah know he lang .. chap bin fuh ugly when he lil !!

  8. Criminals running as opposition MPs… that will leave a bitter taste in their collective nasty, twisted,dutty mouths….Jagdeo should not be opposition leader as he needs to face the court rather than run and lie to avoid it…..just looking at his nasty ugly face makes me heave….yuk!

  9. Jagdeo have repeat the phrase of the opposition for which he is deem a racist.yet many narrow minded people either fail to see or put a blind eye to the silent racism being blatantly displayed all across the country by the apnu. One glance at parlament and the ministers chosen even if they are not qualified for the position they are in.
    Finally it is clear jagdeo ability to run the country scares the government and its supporters he will definitly put them to shame

  10. What interests me most is the former minister ramsarran who was fired days before elections by the previous president but a few months later he is back on the opposition list of parliamentarians where the previous president is absent from. This spells leadership crisis or an attempt at manipulating the electorate or both. I beg the new govt to check the documents and ensure that ramsarrran was indeed fired and that that was not just another publicity stunt.

  11. Freddie talks about Jagdeo being a racist .He’d better watch himself .If he talks too much Ram will remember that he made a lot of racist statements in his columns for which Ram will file private criminal charges against him . I would be the first to support Ram when he does this . INEWS ,please allow me to use this column to remind Ram that Freddie once wrote that the criminals had said ” let we go and shoot up them coolie people down de street. ” This racist comment was made in relation to the killing of six persons at a bar in Kitty. If Ram is so one sided and thinks that he shouldn’t charge his friend Freddie for making such a racist statement ,maybe some other person will have charge him, or I will be forced to charge him . Thanks for publishing this comment INEWS.

  12. What a disgrace jadego as the opposition leaders,he should not play that role. I agree with Freddie Kission. jagedo is indeed a racist . How can he represent when he is so transparent with his racist view, and he is suppose to be a leader he should not be a member of parliament. He has no respect for the africian guyanese. For you joey ,you are an idiot. Get your dumb ass check out

  13. LOL. What a bunch of losers.

    Please protest Ramjattan’s Office. He can’t seem to get the crime situation under control.

    Freddie you look like an old lady. Put up and shup up. Just take a seat and sit down. We don’t want to hear from you.

  14. you has to be the biggest idiot for making the statement you made here!

    bahrat jagdeo is one of the most crooked politicians and time will catch-up with him sooner rather than later. he is lucky to have the likes of nagamootoo and granger who knows only how to pussyfoot with him. bharat jagdeo would have been in jail if he had to deal with me or someone with the determination like myself so, again he is lucky not to have met the right person ready to deal with him properly.

    and lemme give you braking information: there are vacant cages at the icc in the hague ready to hold the likes of bharat jagdeo for the role he played with roger khan and do not think for a minute that the crum-ewing murder will be ignored and the perpetrators won’t be brought to justice.

  15. Yo!! yo!! Stick a pin, u said that jadeo is the person that 200,000 plus Guyanese chose to represent them, u sure about that? Jus to let u know jadeo wasn’t the presidential candidate for the ppp, so how can u say that 200,000 plus guyanese chose him, wasn’t ramotar their pc, aren’t u a little confused or wanted to know why they haven’t chosen him to at least be a mp after all he was their pc. the 200000 plus voted in favor of him and nt jadeo.

  16. Idiot Freddie Kissoon protesting against Jagdeo, what’s new. These opposition nitwits are obsessed with the Honorable Bharat Jagdeo. None of them can compare to him.

  17. RS I don’t know if your a woman or man,but I know you had or have a mother and for you to support a group of men that has no respect for women is very sad. Nandlall,Ramsaran have no respect for women and if you don’t see that then something is really wrong with you. It’s time for new young people to take the lead in Guyana and Guyanese need to stop depending on the same old group of PPP and APU nasty rude selfish people in power.

  18. The PPP cannot come to grip with their defeat so they are bitter and angry with the victorious APNU/AFC Government.All those ldiots who are making those stupid comments about the duley elected Govt should go bagged their shameless faces.PPP ruined that country to solvent during their years of tenure through corruption,racism,nepotism and fraud just to name a few.They cannot fathom their defeat and thus should go kick brick.They are loosers and will continue to be there on.Long live ANU/AFC AND GONE AR THE DEVIL PPP.

  19. From all the protest going on, I have just confirmed what I have always suspected; Jagdeo is the most powerful politician alive in Guyana today. He has them running scared. No wonder their every waking moment is spent trying to erase him from guyana’s political landscape!!

  20. As I keep saying; there is a wounded animal out there and a wounded animal is dangerous; some even more dangerous than others. let’s hope that there is not going to be another “Courtney Crum-Ewing”, May he rest in peace.

  21. And now we have Guyana’s top “cussbirds” Jagdeo, Priya and Ramsarran, returning to parliament to represent the “Guyanese” people. This is the best the PPP/C can produce to lead them.

  22. Ok this is BS… y the hell they dont go protest the cuts for the school voucher. or protest for their minister of security to go home with all the crime we having.

  23. Jagdeo should not be allowed in parliament, he is an out and out racist. Trust me, people have not forgotten.

  24. Why these fools don’t go protest the dismissal of Mrs Soba as city Town Clerk.
    Go plant a cassava stick

  25. What did they expect? It’s obvious that this man is still “wheeling” some power over people in Guyana. Roger Khan migt be in jail, but Jagdeo and his other Associates still have access to the money, drugs and weapons. Perhaps a Petition both Nationally and Internationally, to have them exiled. That will be the only way to get rid of these “water bugs”.

  26. It is ironic that we allow these few protesters be allowed to falsely represent the 200, 000 plus votes of the Guyanese people. It is very simple – the current government got into power by a very slim margin of votes which as we all know is tainted with doubts of rigging and unfair counting of votes. Former President Jagdeo is the peoson who the 200,000 plus Guyanese chose to represent them and nothing is wrong with that – just like the APNU 200,000 plus chose David Grager to be their representative.

    When Dr. Jagdeo was the president he represented all Guyanese regardless whether you were Indo or Afro Guyanese. He brought back respect to Guyana and has put the country in line to be successful as it is today that the current govornment is riding high on. We seem to quickly forget the dull days of Guyana when most Guyanese fled the country and those who could not leave suffered at the hands of the PNC. Today every Guyansese enjoy a life of freedom, prosperity, happiness and contentment all because of the PPP regime. So protestors – go home relax and stay away from stupidity and let democracy prevail for the good of the country and most important for all Guyanese. Go on Dr. Jagdeo and members of the oppostion to Parliament and represent the 200,000 Guyanese that voted for you and most of all stand up for the right of all Guyanese and do not allow the current government to take us back to the dark days. For any government to be successful you need a strong opposition.

  27. My only comment ” what balderdash ?” So after questionable electoral results, they now are seeking to determine who or who should not be in Parliament ? Gimme a break ! But then again who really calling the shots ?


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