Letter: An open letter to The Opposition Leader

Opposition Leader Aubrey Norton

Dear Editor,

This is a question that one would commonly want to ask: Is the Opposition APNU really interested in Guyana’s sovereignty over the Essequibo?

I ask this question based on analyzing several statements made by Mr. Norton and some of his mouthpiece media. They are now on a campaign of lies, trying to poison our minds that the Venezuelan migrants, many of whom are returning Guyanese refugees, are here with the sole purpose of voting for the PPP/C party. Utter rubbish!

These are very idiotic and subversive moves made by the Opposition as they try desperately to shore up their party’s flagging image on the local scene. Washing their dirty linen in public only strengthens Venezuela’s case here. They fail to take into consideration that the more they play cheap politics here in Guyana, the more it undermines our efforts against Maduro’s aggression.

The point is clear: like Maduro, who is trying to keep his political life afloat, Norton is doing the very same thing here. Maduro has to face the polls in 2024, and like as always, Essequibo becomes one of his campaign rhetoric strong points. In like manner, Norton is facing forces within his own party for a replacement to his leadership. There is a strong upswell within the PNC for Norton’s head, with a no-confidence motion already on the cards.

Now, this is an internal party issue that should be kept there. However, that does not give him licence to come center stage with his hysterical foolishness, and to politicise our border issue with Venezuela. Playing that political stunt game is dangerous business, and Mister Norton should be ashamed of himself even to speak in such tones to an educated Guyanese audience.

Making such asinine remarks tells me that Norton is more interested in his personal political future than in being fully committed to our country’s cause. As it stands, Norton’s personal survival is of more importance than being on the same page as the Government and people of Guyana.

So, let me be frank with my readers: I am more afraid of the PNC Opposition than I am of Maduro’s Venezuela. The PNC is more of a threat to us, like the stunt they tried to pull off for five long months, than the frivolous Venezuelan claim. By God’s good grace, we will see a final and binding settlement of the border issue at The International Court of Justice. However, the battle to stave off a rigging party with its ingrown efforts to steal an entire country is ever before us.

My call to Norton’s PNC is to stop the nitpicking and let us unite on the border issue and get this matter resolved quickly.

Neil Adams