Lethem residents turned out in numbers to support PPP


Hundreds of PPP/C supporters took to the streets of Lethem, Region Nine, calling for the government to leave office since their time has expired.

“Today is a dark and sad day in our country. Today the APNU+AFC coalition government became illegal and have effectively executed a coup d’etat by blatantly violating the Constitution of the Republic of Guyana”,  Alister Charlie told the gathering.

As such, he added that thousands of jobs, investments, rights and freedom are now at risk.   “Today the residents of Region nine joined the thousands across Guyana to protest for our democracy”, he posited.

The PPP/C supporters across the country earlier today held several demonstration exercises in light of the expiration of the constitutional timeframe to host elections. The President had three months after the passage of the no confidence motion to call and election but refused to do so.

Instead, the government has legally challenged the passage of the motion.




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