Jagdeo says Coalition’s manifesto is “shameful and a waste of time”

Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo holds up a copy of the APNU+AFC Manifesto. [iNews' Photo]

By Fareeza Haniff

Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo holds up a copy of the APNU+AFC Manifesto. [iNews' Photo]
Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo holds up a copy of the APNU+AFC Manifesto. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo has dissected the recently launched APNU+AFC manifesto, describing it as a “waste of time,” pointing out that it lacks imagination.

At a press conference held at Freedom House on Thursday, April 30, Jagdeo maintained that some of the policies outlined in the manifesto was copied from the ruling People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C).

In breaking down bits and pieces of the document, the former President explained that some of the coalition’s policies would “bankrupt” the country, noting that the APNU+AFC could not explain how they intend to create revenue streams if elected to office post May 11.

“You have to create wealth before you spend it. If you have not identified sources and new sources of the creation of national wealth and you keep spending more, you’re taking the country back to a period where we had all the difficulties. Because you will have to find a way of financing the expenditure and the only way you can do it is by debt and if you accumulate more debt, you’re taking our country backwards,” the former President said.

As it relates to Amerindian Development, Jagdeo criticized the APNU+AFC for now seeking to establish a Hinterland and Depressed Areas Fund, given the fact that the combined Opposition cut the $4.5 billion from the budget, which was allocated for Amerindians.

“Isn’t this an insult to people after they cut $4.5 billion from the Amerindian Development Fund and from the Community Development Plan? This money that we got through the Norwegian agreement was supposed to go fund the village development plans that each of those villages came up with themselves.

“They cut that money from the budget and now they’re promising a fund. We already have an Amerindian Development Fund. We have a huge programme for community development plan…It is an insult to Amerindian people,” Jagdeo said.

In relation to Housing, he pointed out that the coalition plans to introduce a ‘House Rental Initiative’, which he described as “shameful.”

“In this day and age when our aim is to ensure that every Guyanese, young professionals own their own home, their biggest promise is a house renting initiative. It is shameful, absolutely shameful.”

The former President also chastised the APNU+AFC coalition for seeking to introduce a National Youth Council when one already exists.

The coalition’s manifesto also explained developing a plan for technical vocational training, but according to Jagdeo, the PPP/C has already upgraded the technical programme in Linden and built a technical institute in Essequibo.

“We have established one in West Demerara, in Region 5, we have in Region 6,” he said.

He also criticized the APNU+AFC for now expressing desire to improve infrastructure in areas already outlined by the PPP/C.

“Isn’t it amazing that they’re promising now to build the Brazil road, construct a deep water harbor, do the hydro, do national airstrips; doesn’t this look very familiar to you? The entire section on infrastructure is almost lifted, some even word for word from some of the things that we proposed.”

He further noted, “I think the manifesto, as I’ve said before, lacks imagination; some vague promises and some specific promises that are not connected to a strategy. It does not offer how we’re going to finance these promises and that can only lead to failure.”



  1. PNC manifesto declare the increase of tax up to twenty billion dollars.
    How can you earn an extra twenty billion dollars when you wants to lower tax and vat?
    It just does not make sense! That’s why you cannot put a soldier to do an Economist job.
    It will be square pegs in round holes!
    I say it’s time for change and run from PNC false promises and false propaganda and vote for PPP continuous Growth and Development.

  2. Rice flour and cassava flour are being promoted world wide as recommended nutritive additions to wheaten flour to minimize its negative effects on health .
    Burnham was before his time. I did not support the PNC for a large period of my life but I like so many Guyanese of all origins can now with hindsight count the benefits that accrued to this nation over that period. Of course there were negatives ,but the sky scrapers and the few nouveau riche cannot balance the amount of harm this regime has done Why do you believe you have a monopoly on creative and constructive ability. By the way , you are an economist, so t who was responsible for Low Carbon Development Strategy ?? Was it Navin Chanderpal et al or was it you. You should give credit where it is due

  3. Jagdeo,this same coalition`s manifesto that you said is shameful and a waste of time,will be used by APNU/AFC competently to make it work.You see,there will be transparency,trust,honesty,fairness and consultation,elements that will make anything work,unlike the secrecy and corruption that engulfs the PPP/C government.IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE.

  4. .We do not need your opinion, sir. Further, you sir, should be ashamed for NOT opening the door when your “wife” rapped on it! Poor thing had to take cold baths ever since! You are such an irritant, sir. A “know all” who does not know anything of anything including Roger Khan back in those days.


  6. Jagdeo, you lack credibility to criticize anything. Tell us about your mansions and more recently, YOUR hotel. Tell us about your Cadillac Pension package that is breaking the backs of the taxpayers of Guyana.
    Jagdeo, I have voted PPP all my life so far. Because of you and your band of thieves, thugs and villains I will NOT vote PPP on May 11, 2015.

    Maybe I will return to the PPP party, but that is after they get rid of Jagdeo, Irfaan Ali, Anil Nandalall, Rohee and all the other heartless crooks.

  7. A soldier is accustomed to just eat and sleep not to think.
    On the other hand an economist like President Donald Ramotar and President Jagdeo is accustomed to think and plan. PNC is bankrupt in every way especially in their thinking.
    On the other hand the PPP has been about building, developing, and Modernization.

  8. ow man jagdeo ow…u know..i know..most guyanese know..de whole world know..pnc lack brains ideas imagination

  9. Jagdeo still talking????Your Buddy Bheri, couldn’t keep his mouth shut, and he “slit his own throat with his tongue”. You’re whining and nit-picking like a woman, and not an intelligent woman either. So you’re pissed off with APNU+AFC because they want to improve infrastructure; they want to create a National Youth Council; they’re talking about the Hydro Plant, Waterfront etc and this upsets you? Do you realize how simplistic and simple-minded your “speeches” are sounding? You and the current PPP “gang” have raped the country with your Greed and Avarice while too many have gone without. The need for proper salaries/wages have kept thousands in poverty for decades, you have no proper Health Care for your citizens, unless they have thousands to pay for private care, they’ll often die. Can you tell me why you’re so pissed off? I know for a fact it has nothing to do with your CARE or CONCERN for the citizens; so it must be because, if the PPP loses, you and your BUDDIES “MONEY PILFERING” days will be over.

  10. Shame. Boy Bharrat tell them like it is. They want to run this country like they run their houses. When they don’t have something they go out and steal it, mostly from the East Indians. Who u think they gonna steal from when they can’t get enough money to spend? ????

  11. ‘jagdeo’ when ever u speak it turns me off cause u guys waste a lot of money on foolishness matter of fact giving away the country piece by piece and now I talking abt APNU manifesto lack of imagination, that’s u guys problem u imagining too dam much u think guyana is a cartoon u talking abt imagining. Shame on blasted u


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