Dr Luncheon ‘stoned’ during PPP meeting in East Ruimveldt


By Fareeza Haniff

Some of the persons who disrupted the meeting.
Some of the persons who disrupted the meeting.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – A meeting in Warlock, East Ruimveldt, Georgetown by the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) had to be cancelled on Wednesday evening (April 29) after a crowd of supporters of the APNU+AFC coalition threw rocks and bottles at the speakers, including Cabinet Secretary, Dr Roger Luncheon.

A video of the incident was presented by the ruling Party, showing supporters squaring off with police officers and burning PPP flags at the meeting. Also observed in the video were a number of minors who participated in disrupting the meeting.

Condemning the act is former President, Bharrat Jagdeo, who told a news conference on Thursday, April 30 that this behaviour occurred mere hours after all political Parties would have signed a Code of Conduct by the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM).

“Just last night, hours after the Code of Conduct was signed by all of the Parties condemning violence, committing themselves not to use violence, they had a bunch of thugs stoning our meeting in Warlock where Dr Luncheon was speaking.Warlock 2

“This is hours after the singing of the Code of Conduct and you had senior members of the APNU coalition there,” Jagdeo said.

When asked, he pointed out Aubrey Norton as one of those APNU members.

“I would like the country to see how organized the thuggery is. Why do you have to come to our meetings and stone people who speak at our meetings? It’s only an act of desperation that would cause you to do this,” the former President said.

He urged GECOM and the international observers to take note of the incident.

“We have to condemn this in the strongest term and we hope that GECOM is paying attention it and the international observers are too.”

Meanwhile, Jagdeo also rejected reports that “thousands of Venezuelans”, Brazilians and Chinese are registered to vote for the PPP.




  1. Nothing new from the PNC, and their goons,I guess Nagamootoo is smiling when he sees this type of behavior from his tribe but time is short,on May 12 Granger will give him A size 11 in his ass for not delivering that 11% he promise.His next move is to join Mark Benchop party because APNU will have no use for him.

  2. One of the reasons I stop voting PNC is for this kind of behaviour, I was in the crowd at turning point, listening to a rally in 1997. Mr Sam Hinds was speaking when, and I witness my black brothers start stoning him. It was so disgusting, I know it was not random it was organise they were people directing it. Nobody get stone in whim, if you don’t want to hear the PPPC speak stay away from their rally, but who the hell are you people to stop others who want to hear.

  3. That lady with the pink top and white skirt should be arrested and charged. I would bet Odinga and Kwamie would then come to her rescue.

    Do the math people.

  4. Well then you are implying that Aubrey Norton is part of the pppc because he was there too. Sorry that excuse will not work. This is the opposition doing what they do best DESTROY.

  5. Elections inching closer day by day. Nervousness, tensions increase to levels not so different from the past. The ”dogs of war” are on standby. should the results of the election don’t go their way. It is well known by ALL who were the architect of the mayhem in the past and they have already signalled their intention for things to come.This phenomenon is not unexpected but with the security forces’ pledge to uphold the law and maintain peace, it is now a wait and see game. The demolition gangs are ready, waiting. The architects’ strategy is already fine tuned. The war chest is overflowing. Stones start to fly. Testing the weaponry has already begun.Execution date planned but temporary put on hold. The security forces are ready
    NO! It’s not in my imagination. It has happened many times before and can happen again despite the signed ”PACT” .Nevertheless, let’s hope for PEACE

  6. It’s thuggery alright! This only strengthens the claim that this coalition is still a PNC party! They speak of ‘war’ in their manifesto and signing up many past military officers and police Chiefs, go figure!!

    Quite an embarrassment to witness what happened in Warlock, further imagine teaching this to your children and telling them that it’s ok to showcase yourself in a manner that is disrespectful and down right shameful! These are the supporters of the opposition 30 years ago and still same today.

    International observers and GECOM must release a statement condemning this type of behaviour before it escalates.

    The fact that Aubrey Norton was also present and condoned this kind of behaviour speaks volumes, how can Guyanese consciously vote and put these kinds of persons to lead this country??

  7. This needs to be condemned. This is not the kind of support the correlation wants. People be wise and sensible. All parties have a right to go whenever they need to campaign in peace. U maybe uncomfortable and dissatisfied with what’s being said but it’s each party democratic right to do so. Whether u like it or not. Peace for all.

  8. PNC are known for their vicious attack on PPP and anyone who support the PPP. Those attackers do not easily gets arrested for example look at how the PNC woman Sherlina mother sally Nageer attack the Politician at Whim Berbice and Provoked, intimidated, and verbally assaulted the the man.

  9. dont put it past pnc to say oh this is ppp own doings to blame pnc…media must ask nagamoottoo how he feels…why..he had endured this thuggery from pnc side for years…the media must pressure nagamoottoo to have his say on this..the independent free media has to be seen as fair and balance in their reporting and and asking the tough questions..cant hide pnc skirt no more..

  10. I wonder how come nobody commented on this. All of you who preach race should be proud of the youths engaging in these kinds of acts. They will grow up to be just like you all. These adults should have been arrested and locked up especially the PNC activists present in the crowd and the kids scolded by the police. Do hope the nation paying attention to how well these people follow the leaders who break the laws of Guyana. What is the police force doing for anyone? If these people can do this to the ministers, I am going to ask the question again, what will they do to ordinary citizens? Look how these people lawless. Look at that woman and then they talk about morality. Look at the kids there. What a perfect example from your parents and they preach about decency. Only one kind of people do these things and they have to remain like this in life forever. GO YOU BUNCH OF RACIAL , DUNCE, LAWLESS, SHAMELESS, VINDICTIVE, UN-EDUCATED, DESTRUCTIVE, STUPID PEOPLE.

  11. I wonder if this was a PPPC planned activity, cause I ain’t hear about anyone being arrested for this level of illegality


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