Jagdeo hangs out Greenidge’s dirty laundry; says Ashni Singh is not a thief

Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh and former Finance Minister under the PNC, Carl Greenidge

By Jomo Paul

Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh and former Finance Minister under the PNC, Carl Greenidge
Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh and former Finance Minister under the PNC, Carl Greenidge

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Former President and now Executive Member of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic, Bharrat Jagdeo has criticised the track record of former Finance Minister, Carl Greenidge under the People’s National Congress (PNC), while at the same time commending the work done by current Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh under the PPP administration.

At a press conference on Saturday, March 28, Jagdeo revealed that Greenidge bought a home in Bel Air Gardens to the tune of $4M shortly after demitting office post 1992 elections.

He berated what he termed a lack of transparency during the period that Greenidge held the portfolio as Finance Minister.

Members of the media were shown documentation which detailed Greenidge using his then ministerial portfolio even though the government had long since changed into the PPP/C administration.

“Here I have…a document…a transport it is dated January 25, 1993. Four months after the government had changed. The transport was issued to Minister Carl Greenidge for a house in Bel Air Gardens for 4 million dollars….he had long ceased to be Minister of Finance,” Jagdeo said while holding up a copy of the transport.

According to the Former President, the home was bought from Guyana Stores Limited (GSL).

Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo
Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo

“You cannot run from your record,” Jagdeo declared, as he said that Greenidge has “a lot of things” to answer with respect to corruption and economic policies.

He referred to the state of Guyana’s economy when the PPP/C took office after the 1992 elections pointing out that everything was in a state of decay.

“He said he [Greenidge] made some changes in processes that allowed the PPP to start producing the accounts from 1992 but that changes that he made could not have been implemented before……You would believe that he left us a wonderful economy the way Carl Greenidge and the others speak about it,” Jagdeo said.

When asked whether he believes that Dr Singh has an unblemished record having served as Finance Minister for the past 8 years, Jagdeo responded in the affirmative.

“I think Ashni Singh is a bright young man…. I think he has done a great job as Minister of Finance and I think that he has been the subject of a vicious campaign by several persons because they can’t get their way of shutting down the country because effectively what they would have done is shut down the country,” the Former President said.

This is in the face of several court actions being levied against the Finance Minister and the recent ruling by Chief Justice Ian Chang that Dr Singh was wrong to spend monies not approved in the National Assembly.

But according Jagdeo “they made it look like Ashni Singh stole the money…there is no criminal liability of anything of that sort….they have made it look like if Ashni Singh is a thief and he is not.”



  1. Hey McKenzie, Burnham change your namen to linden after your PNC ethnic cleansing, where you guys were bombing the Indians, chopping the Indian men, raping their wives, mothers, and daughters and robbing them. Is that how you planned to feed, clothes, and house the nation? So Indian were not a part of the nation? The ABC know about your PNC Johnstown? Did you tell them about Geenidge? Are you one of the PNC jumbies too? So you think we are dumb? Okay jumbie Dennis Mckenzie, tell us the size of Burnham pig pen,?

  2. The ABC countries are aware of what took place and are taking place right now,don`t be fooled by their silence.Bharat`s DIRTY LINEN are on all LAMP POSTS and ELSEWHERE.He sees the mote in others eyes,except his.

  3. Some are so dumb,that they don`t even realize that they are being screwed right now.The PNC had a program to Feed Clothes and House the Nation,but was sabotaged by those on the other side when certain farmers were told not to plant any rice.by their leader.These jokers never really had a program,but in recent times,tried to copy some of what was done before.Young sugar-canes were deliberately burnt,thus helping to destroy the economy.

  4. Louise, you blowing hot. You’re talking through your Rear. You refer to us the “the Indian people” that tells me that you’re a African who doesn’t understand the world. We the Indian honor Dr. Jagdeo, just the same way you honor your PNC. PPP love the champion. You hate him because you can’t be him.

  5. I am calling upon all PNC stooges to bring forth any/alll proof/evidence of any/all corruptions you talked about. Greenidge was the most corrupt finance Minister in the world ever!!!!! Let Greenidge tell us where and how he got the stolen four million dollars. We are talking with facts. PPP are business oriented. PPP knows how to run business. PPP ministers are good businessmen and women. PPP understand the world. PNC/AFC does not understand the world. Burnham failed to be a farmer. The PNC could’nt even manage the pig pen.

  6. Mr. Bharrat Jagdeo is a revisionist idiot. .Why is he even being given an audience for the rot he continues to spout in an effort to manipulate the Indian people of Guyana? He is an unethical, immoral, dishonest man and he needs to stop interfering and attempting to stem the progress which all Guyanese deserve

  7. How is it that one of the most corrupt and racial politicians in recent times is still allowed to be part of this party and also be allowed to call on others in the opposition about truth and integrity. This guy should have never been President in the first place.

  8. Dr. Jagdeo, That’s nothing new what you’re showing the Guyanese people. Of course ))$4,000,000.00 in 1992 is a lot of money. I want to know if there is any PNC you know that is honest. Granger said Nagamootoo cannot be trusted, and Nagamootoo always say the PNC are riggers of elections. Burnham did a fine job in training his followers to steal, kill, and rig. How many Guyanese know about the thirteen million US. dollars (US.$13,000,000.00) that Burnham stole from us and invest into the ready mix concrete business in Manhattan in 1984 When he bribe the then Mayor of Manhattan Mr. Ed Koch, It was widely publish in the New York Times how the Mayor was under investigation because Ed Koch was financial seduced by Burnham, and won the bid against the Mafia. Carl Greenidge was the finance Minister then. They send a Berbician Indian called Alli or Ali to live in Maryland who was posing as the Guyanese contractor. When they ask him where the finance was coming from, he said he has tons of gold. Eventually investigation revealed that Burnham pawn was just building bridges and was never an engineer as claimed.
    Eventually Burnhan died and the PNC Ali covet the Guyanese people money except for what he give to a few who knows about the transaction. I want Greenidge to tell Guyana that he is ignorant of the above facts.

  9. Bharat that’s it, turn the heat on them…. They have not shown sincerity in purpose and it is overwhelmingly obvious that they are intent on mischief and frustrating development once they can’t run things ! Let loose the files one day at a time …from the Buxton Gangstas and intellectual authors, going back and coming forward…. Don’t display national considerations ! And by the way make sure the ABC country Representative are kept updated.


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