Berbice Bridge Company deny claims of APNU+AFC Whim Rally sabotage

The Berbice River Bridge.

By Fareeza Haniff

The Berbice River Bridge.
The Berbice River Bridge.

[] –A Partnership For National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) coalition says it is in receipt of information, which suggests that the Berbice Bridge Company Incorporated (BBCI) plans to disrupt its travel plans to Berbice on Sunday, March 28, a claim which Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Company, Omadat Samaroo has vehemently denied.

Chief Communications Officer of the APNU+AFC coalition, Imran Khan told iNews that information received by the coalition revealed that the Company was instructed to prevent traffic from flowing on the bridge from 12:05 to 15:00hrs.

The scheduled retraction time for the Berbice Bridge on Sunday is 12:05 to 13:35hrs, which is the same time the APNU + AFC along with its supporters plan to travel to Whim for its grand rally.

During a telephone interview with iNews, the CEO made it clear that the information received by the Opposition coalition is “lies that are being peddled by persons.”

Mr Samaroo emphasized that the Berbice Bridge Company intends to stick to its original retraction time and that he was not instructed to extend the opening of the Bridge.

According to Mr Samaroo, he has a “good relationship” with officials from the APNU and as soon as he heard the rumors he visited the APNU’s office in an effort to clear the air on the matter.

However, the APNU+AFC Chief Communications Officer maintained that the information received by the coalition is credible but they are nevertheless “happy” that there will be no efforts of sabotage on the part of the BBCI.



  1. Another one.
    Imran Khan
    Where do you get your information from?
    The stable I presume.
    People are not mushrooms.
    Don’t keep them in the dark and feed them with Bullsheet.

  2. Confusions and more confusion in the PNC/AFC camp. They are fooling each other, they are lying to themselves. lol. ha, ha. Power hungry is a bad, bad thing. If the bridge closed no problem, why worry? put Greenidge, and Harmon long and ugly mouth across the river and just drive over. Yes! drive on top them two mouth. Ugly man Freddie Kisson said the bridge ugly, but look at Greenidge!
    Wait is this the same bridge that the opposition didn’t want the PPP to build?
    Shame on you PNC!!! shame on you!! The same way they criticized the stadium and every other development they see.


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