“I’d be the last person to question Dr Jagan’s integrity” – Jagdeo says his comments were distorted

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo. [iNews' Photo]

By Fareeza Haniff

Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo during the press conference on Saturday, March 28. [iNews' Photo]
Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo during the press conference on Saturday, March 28. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – Former President Bharrat Jagdeo has accused former Executive Member of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Ralph Ramkarran of “distorting” what he said about the Party’s late founder, Dr Cheddi Jagan.

Jagdeo, at a press conference at Freedom House on Saturday, March 28 cleared the air, pointing out he “would be the last person to question the integrity” of Guyana’s former President, Dr Jagan.

Ramkarran had upbraided Jagdeo for equating his current lifestyle to that of the late president, but Jagdeo noted this is not the case and that Ramkarran “pathologically hates me; for three years he has been criticizing me and to stay relevant again, he deliberately distorted what I said.”

“Cheddi Jagan’s integrity is above board. Cheddi Jagan is a person of high moral standard,” the former President said. When asked, he emphasized that he is not backpedaling on what he said, since there “was never an issue in the first place; I never questioned his integrity.”

At a recent press conference, Jagdeo in addressing concerns about government Ministers earning super salaries and living in big houses, said that the PPP founder did not live in squalor but rather had a nice home on a prime property.

Former Speaker of the National Assembly and PPP Executive: Ralph Ramkarran.
Former Speaker of the National Assembly and PPP Executive: Ralph Ramkarran.

Following Ramkarran’s interpretation of Jagdeo’s remarks, Dr Jagan’s daughter, Nadira Jagan wrote a stinging letter to Jagdeo, nothing that her father never lived in a mansion and that her parents were simple people who lived among the common folks.

In response, Jagdeo said if someone had criticized his father, then he would have said much worse than the younger Jagan. He pointed out the fact that Dr Jagan appointed him as Minister when he [Jagdeo] was in his 20s and even made him an executive member of the PPP.



  1. Dr.Jagan mixed with the poor as well as the rich but he never stole or enriched himself with their money.Jagdeo did.Nadira has all right to defend her father.

  2. Only god knows who kicks the bucket and when. Who knows you are probably next..Sometimes green mango falls and left ripe mango.

  3. I see guy and ana, is back with Their two and three lines, but as usual nothing to contribute. Just another PNC stooges commenting on people comments, like Fitz Ralph, who looks like a convicted kickdown the door bandit who rukmatie bite during the robbery. You people don’t understand the world. You can’t run and operate business, so leave all business to the PPP. You PNC just stick to security and nursing

  4. Galfromna, You start to froth up again! Because of your many stupid comments you were many times rebuked and corrected in the past by Jai, here again you express your hate,arrogance, ignorance, stupidity, and lack of intelligence! You continue to make baseless statements. Where are the facts/proof to your lies? It is as though every times you Galfromna open your filthy mouth to blow hot faeces comes out.
    You said “You are a dam thief and a liar” Really! What did he steal and how much?
    Did you and Greenidge report it to the police? Shame on you PNC stooges!!
    Galfromna, tell us what you know about Greenidge and the four million dollars? We have proof of it.
    By the way Dr. Jagdeo is on the campaign trail, because we the majority of Guyanese wants him here. PPP will walk away a minium of 53% to as high as 57% votes. Development and Progress will continue with and by the PPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Nadira should chose who to bash if she think there is a need at this time.
    The Burnham puppets are swinging left and right kindly help your father’s Party.
    If Comrade Jagan mingled with common people, he also mingled with elites.
    If you have to compare, then compare to the poor people who lived in mud wall houses to what you had.
    How many Indian kids went to McGill University?
    How many kids have a Godfather called Forbes Burnham?

  6. Mr/Ms, or other. ..Green, our country can only move forward with people who are not afraid and ashamed to have their identity known.
    Please note that neither Mr.Jagan nor Mr.Burnham “created” the communities in which they lived. They moved into already established communities, and used the same local materials as others. …
    Unlike your champion of the Earth’s International Swindlers and old Convicts.

  7. Jagdeo you have already critized Jagan and came up wanting. You only trying to cover your tracks now that you are caught. The jig is up you were caught red handed. Jagdeo and the PPP/c party are Stealer of Guyanese youths dreams.

  8. Jagdeo you are a damn thief and a liar. No one cares about you and what you have to say. Every time you open your mouth you have to call another press conference to explain why you opened your mouth. Who cares. We don’t You dont say anything that make sense. Your time gone round you need to Clear out the way, and let genuine people run this country. We tired of your ass and your ignorance. Clear out the way.

  9. Ramkarran, is very old now and will kick the bucket soon and realize he will never be Jagdeo neither will he ever be President so he is angry with himself. Plenty of them wish they could be Jagdeo, but they can’t. Ramkarran should run for the presidency of the girl’s club. They can say what they want, Jagdeo is a part of this PPP campaign.

  10. first of all, nowhere in the world anyone in their right mind will refer to jagan’s four-bedroom abode as mansion, so what you have done here is expose the level of delusion you operate under.

    i won’t even waste my time to straighten you out on the other nonsensical bits about carpeted pig pens etc because that is a load of hogwash [no pun intended] and the utterance of foolish people.

    coming back to your reference about mansion though, if you actually know how to do it, calculate the value of both jagan’s and burnham’s residences factoring-in inflation and whats not and then take a good look at the value of jagdeo’s mansion and tell folks here what you have learned.

    don’t try to feed people here the same old useless washed up propaganda because ppp’s mirror newspaper is not the only source of information available to folks with intellectual curiosity.

  11. old man ralph should go jump in the lake now…both burnham and jagan had mansions back in their time compared to what guyanese used to live in..jagan live in belair park..u have to be a big one in that time to live there..
    well dont talk about burnham pradoville at de zoo and at belfield..burnham pig pen had carpet…his pig pen was better than what most of pnc supporters used to live in..thats a fact


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