Increased Police presence for Christmas starting tomorrow- Hicken

Police “A” Division Commander, Clifton Hicken

By Ramona Luthi

The Annual Christmas Policing Program is expected to commence tomorrow and run until January 15, 2017 according to Police “A” Division Commander, Clifton Hicken earlier today.

Police “A” Division Commander, Clifton Hicken
Police “A” Division Commander, Clifton Hicken

He stated that since there will be an upsurge in commercial activities, pedestrians and traffic, the intention is to increase patrols in the city in an effort to provide a safe environment for citizens.

“Our intention is to minimize criminal activities, minimize traffic congestion and road accidents, provide a safe and secure environment for citizens,” he said.

As he elaborated on the methods of enhancing security in Georgetown, Hicken stated that the customary routine of increasing patrols on foot and vehicles will be implemented at all crime prone areas, including hotels, night spots, banks, post offices and other business places.

“We will continue our source of crime prevention which is pivotal to our successes recently. We will coordinate with Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Head quarters targeting hot spots and continue to focus on noise nuisance,” the “A” Division Commander added.

Additionally, he asserted that Georgetown will be divided into five sectors, with each sector being headed by an assistant Superintendent, accompanied by an inspector, highlighting that this was “primarily to ensure that we up our supervision at all times.”

Hicken noted that partnership with the Community Policing Groups (CPG) and other stakeholders will also continue.

Approaching Chrismas, the foot patrols are expected to be adjusted to accommodate late shopping, while motor cycle and vehicular patrols will be done on a twenty four hour basis, starting tomorrow.



  1. `A`Division Commander Hicken,this is a welcome information,especially around this period.I believe,this is a move in the right direction.They are those among us,who always spew NEGATIVE MOUTHINGS about almost everything this Coalition government,and even the police embark upon,but there is always disappointment for them.It would be a great thing,if SQUIBS can be kept off the streets as well,that are creating discomfort for people,especially SENIOR CITIZENS,wwho are traumatized by this SCOURGE.THIS FOOLISHNESS MUST STOP NOW.IT IS DANGEROUS.


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