Police seeking DDP advice after suspect confesses to killing, dumping farmer


Police investigators in ‘F’ Division (Interior Locations) are expected to seek advice from the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) today after one of three suspects confessed to killing a Kamarang, Region Seven, farmer and dumping his body into a river. 

The partially decomposed body of Dexter Edwards, 27, of Pariuma River, Kamarang, was discovered on November 5 in the Ochi Top River in Kamarang by a group of campers. According to Police reports, a post-mortem revealed that the farmer died from multiple injuries.

This caused Police in the Division to amp-up their investigations, which led to the arrest of three suspects, all Guyanese. The men were taken into custody and questioned, during which one of them admitted to killing Edwards.

Inews understands that the prime suspect told detectives during his confession Saturday night that he and the deceased, along with the two other suspects, had gone to neighbouring Venezuela.

He recounted that during that time, they were consuming alcohol when he and the now dead Edwards got into a heated argument. The suspect related that during the altercation, he hit Edwards in the head causing him to collapse.

This, the man said, caused him to panic so he picked up Edwards and dumped him into the river.

Commander of F Division, Ravindranauth Budhram, told this online publication that even though one of the suspects has admitted to the killing, the other two remain in custody pending advice to be sought today.


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