Health Ministry plans to introduce new Covid vaccination cards

A Covid-19 vaccine card

In light of the high number of cases of persons forging the current Covid-19 vaccine cards, the Health Ministry is planning to introduce a new and more secured document as proof of vaccination.

This was announced by Health Minister Dr Frank Anthony during today’s Covid-19 update.

“We are going to change the card system and we’re working on that right now. And very soon, we are going to introduce a different type of card that is going to be harder to forge,”Dr Anthony said.

He explained that when this new card is introduced, systems will be put in place to ensure persons who are vaccinated receive their copies.

“And if they didn’t had the proper documentation in the first place, then they are not going to get the new card that we’re are putting in,” the Health Minister posited.

Dr Anthony revealed that police are currently investigating about 12 to 15 cases relating to forged vaccination cards.

“We do have a few dishonest people among the grouping, they are the ones who have been facilitating these cards, they are giving people cards without the people receiving the vaccines, and as I’ve said before, once we get the information, we are going to get the police to investigate and prosecute those persons.”

“And the persons who are buying these cards. if we catch you are going to be charged for tendering a forged document…either way, those who enable this and those who are caught with this, are going to face serious penalties,” the Minister warned.