GWI commences monthly billing for metered customers



GWI Month[] – Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) has commenced a new Monthly Billing Programme from August 1, 2014 for metered GWI customers. Hence, metered customers will receive a monthly bill for water service from August 2014.

According to Customer Services Manager, Jeanette Thomas, the change from quarterly to monthly billing is meant to improve the overall efficiency of bill delivery and provide customers with a more reliable billing schedule.

“We have listened to our customers’ recommendations for monthly billing, hence the new monthly schedule will simplify our bill delivery processes and align GWI with the other utilities. Our goal is to motivate our customers to make payments on time and provide them with a monthly bill that is due with their other monthly expenses, hence making it easier for customers to remember their water service payments,” Thomas said.

Another goal of the new programme is to minimize instances of estimated bills.

“Every effort is being made to avoid billing metered customers on an estimated charge,’ stated the Customer Services Manager, ‘this occurs when our meter readers cannot gain access to customers’ premises and an estimated amount is generated based on past consumption trends. To reduce this, monthly billing offers customers a more consistent routine in which meter readers will visit their homes and a bill will be generated within 30 days. We urge customers to ensure GWI meter readers are allowed access to their meters since this is pivotal to minimizing estimated bills.”

Meter readers who are unable to access meters will leave letters urging customers to make contact with the nearest GWI location so that their service consumption can be inputted to avoid estimated billing.

The overarching aim of the Monthly Billing Programme is to provide customers with more consistent and convenient bill delivery that is on par with other major utilities. Monthly billing for unmetered customers will be launched in 2015.  



  1. I welcome this change very much, I was being overcharged all along, I was receiving a bill every 6 months with an enormous figure, was at the edge of my nerves. I can now follow my reading like the electric bill, thanks, hope all the jiggery pokery will be over

  2. I think this is a very great idea. It will help in better payment plans, allowing persons to budget better and have less delinquent customers.


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