GuySuCo Berbice Sugar workers continue strike action


Sugar workers protesting in Berbice. [iNews' Photo]
Sugar workers protesting in Berbice. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Some 7000 field and factory workers attached to the Guyana Sugar Cooperation (GuySuCo) have downed their tools at the Berbice estates.

The workers are currently on strike following the company’s reluctance to fulfill their request of a favourable Annual Production Incentive (API).

The sugar corporation is offering the incentive at 85,000 tonnes but workers are demanding that they rethink that decision as in previous years they were given the incentive at 46,000 and 32,500 tonnes.

Workers from Albion Estate are questioning why the incentive should be given at 85000 tonnes at a time when the Corporation is reportedly doing well. They stated that in previous years when the Company has seen worst days, they were given better incentives.

Sugar workers protesting in Berbice. [iNews' Photo]
Sugar workers protesting in Berbice. [iNews’ Photo]
The industrial action began on Monday, with the Estates going into strike mode signaling their disappointment to the Company. iNews understands the strike action would continue until Saturday, November 28.

On Tuesday the workers protested at the entrance of the Albion Sstate declaring “No pay! No Wuk!”

Workers argued that they have noticed other public sector workers receiving increases and questioned why they cannot receive a proper incentive.

“Sugar is not a private entity, the workers also deserve some thing,” said GAWU’s Berbice Regional Supervisor, Harvey Tambron.

Tambron explained to the media that the workers are determined to have the wage increase and API. According to him, their action signifies how serious they are. Even though the drastic measures have been taken by all the estate in Berbice and a few in Demerara, the sugar company has not made any announcement as to what decision will be taken.

The Corporation is however accusing the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) of hoaxing its workers into strike action by peddling misinformation.



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