After 12 years Ann’s Grove housing scheme to receive water

GWI CEO speaking with a representative of the Ann's Grove Community
Residents of the Ann's Grove Community at the Meeting with GWI's CEO
Residents of the Ann’s Grove Community at the Meeting with GWI’s CEO

[] – Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Water Inc (GWI), Dr. Richard Van West-Charles at a community meeting organized by residents of Ann’s Grove Housing Scheme recently, outlined a programme which will result in residents receiving water for the first time since the creation of the housing development, which has been in existence for over 12 years.

A release from GWI noted that the scheme is located in Ann’s Grove, East Coast Demerara and has in excess of 500 households. Speaking to residents in the presence of GWI Officials, Dr. Van West-Charles stated that he was concerned about the lack of water within the community particularly with the number of households with large families residing in the housing scheme.

GWI CEO speaking with a representative of the Ann's Grove Community
GWI CEO speaking with a representative of the Ann’s Grove Community

“Our mandate is to ensure that every citizen of this country has access to safe water… to assist the low income families in Ann’s Grove, GWI is offering a flexible payment contract so that families can afford to pay for the new service connections required to provide the community with water service.”

The release noted that representatives of the community also offered to partner with the Guyana Water Inc. to assist with the labour needed to install the distribution network including the laying of pipelines and the installation of distribution and transmission mains.




  1. Encouraging words for this community that was without potable water for 12 years would have been simply enough.

    You had to “grumsie” it with your usual divisive PPPC hogwash.

  2. It must be noted that during the 28 years of PNC neglect, water,electricity and our entire infrastructure collapsed. During the last 23 years the PPP/C build back this country. I am indeed happy for these residents however it is nothing compared to what the PPP/C has given back to this country. For those who refuses to acknowledge the PPP/C for their contributions to this nation it is indeed a disappointment.

  3. Give it to Dr Richard Van West-Charles – he never really left Guyana, because during all his years at the PAHO/WHO, he visited Guyana every year and also rooted for Guyana at the PAHO/WHO Headquarters in Washington, DC. I’m so happy for the folks of Ann’s Grove for this development.


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