GT&T rebrands; pledges to “do more” for customers

CEO of GTT+ Justin Nedd and another company executive.

By Jomo Paul

 CEO of GTT+ Justin Nedd and another company executive.

CEO of GTT+ Justin Nedd and another company executive.

[] – The Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T) has re-branded its logo to GTT+ and has pledged to revamp its services to ensure that customers get more out of their services.

This is according to the Chief Executive Officer of the Company, Justin Nedd who announced the rebrand at press conference on Wednesday, September 02.

According to Nedd, the company wants to “do right” by its customers and with the rebranding, a slew of other services will be introduced including retail stores across the country.

He told reporters that the company has spent some amount of time toiling over the logo change, adding that with the change, GTT+ hopes to perform better to reach the needs of its customers.

“All the branding and logo is great so it but is has to be supported by solid action,” he stated.

“We are pushing to do more…given that we now want to change how we approach our customer we thought it fit that we start with a new brand, start with a new mantra of doing more…given that our customers hold us so accountable, we intend to stand up to that,” Nedd said.

Part of the roll out of new services would be the introduction of 4G service to Guyana; however this is stalled by the allocation of spectrum to the company. The CEO stated that as soon as the government gives the green light, GTT+ would be ready to provide the service.

“We wanna bring 4G to Guyana and as a soon as the government gives us the spectrum we will do that….we already have the equipment,” Nedd stated.

Also included in the plans is the increase in bandwidth available to communities and filling of network gaps in rural areas.

Nedd also stated that the company would be looking to expand its customer care base which has been a major concern for years. He said that more agents will be contracted and more calls from customers would be taken.

GTT+ has a customer base of hundreds of thousands of subscribers for both wireless and line services. The same figure can be applied for its DSL customers who depend on the company for its services.

The company is one of the two major players in Guyana’s market with its closest competitor being Digicel Guyana.



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