Granger believes Guyanese will soon see merit of 50% Ministerial pay hike

President David Granger


The David Granger administration.
The David Granger administration.

[] – The Government’s decision to increase the salaries of the Prime Minister, Ministers, Members of Parliament and the Opposition’s yearly allocation, has been described by President David Granger as an investment in efficiency, quality and good governance.

Speaking at the recording of the Ministry of the Presidency’s “Public Interest” programme on Friday, President David Granger said that while the decision was a difficult one, it decided on in the best interest of the country.

This comes after a wide cross section of society would have condemned and continue to condemn the increase. In addition to protests, persons have taken to popular social media platforms to vent their concerns.

“As far as the salary increases are concerned, we had to make some choices, and choices were made in order to assure the public of the efficiency and commitment of the Ministers … It was a difficult choice in the first place. It was not something that we did recklessly. We had to consider all of the options and in the final analysis we felt that this was the best means of ensuring that the work of the Cabinet would continue,” he said.

The Head of State added that in order to attract the best qualified people to serve at this level, certain sacrifices have to be made.

“Many of the members were professionals and some came from private enterprises. We are trying to ensure that the coalition’s Cabinet is such that there is a high level of efficiency. The changes have been an investment in quality governance,” President Granger told the journalists on the panel.

 While there are criticisms, President Granger said that he is confident that in time to come, Guyanese will see the merits of regularising and upgrading the income of the country’s senior officials.

“I am aware of the criticisms but we have to make choices every day and the choice was made in favor of having a stronger Cabinet and allowing those persons who have been selected to fulfill their functions and I am confident that this will be done. In the middle term, I believe people will see that as a good decision… I believe that in time to come, evidence would emerge that we made the correct decision,” he said.

President Granger noted that it is now his job to ensure that his Cabinet does the work that is necessary to bring about transformative change in Guyana.  He also urged all Guyanese to continue to hold their leaders’ feet to the fire to ensure that they serve the country well.



  1. Dan, I appreciate your comments. However, we can’t take anything they say as being true. They initially stated that the PPP left a bankrupt treasury etc and they couldn’t afford this and that. So how can we afford a pay hike to that magnitude?? How in God’s name can they justify a pay hike for themselves when a promise of 20% was mad to public servants?? It just goes to show that they are only in this for themselves, they don’t care about the average Jane and Joe. A salary raise is only given after the worker has proven that he or she has done enough to MERIT an increase. What have they done? Lose the rice market of Venezuela, increase fuel prices, withhold public servants promised 20% increase, promise the rice farmers $9000 a bag, and flatline the nations economy. Why should we agree to their increases when they have failed in every aspect since taking office?

  2. I might be a very small minority to say this, but I have no problem with the increase in salary. I would have been fine if they increased by 100% providing they can deliver and can be held accountable. At the end of the day, its insignificant to the amount of financial decisions these Ministers have to make.
    Maybe the optics is an issue considering a slow down in the economy. However, like the head of any Corporations, if the CEO is well compensated, in most cases, that corporation does a whole a lot better and makes up for the increase compensation several times over. Yes I know we can be idealistic and argue that politicians became politicians only because they want to help others. Thats just cliche. I’m sure most would prefer for the Ministers not to be making deals thru a back channel ? That would cost the Guyana people a whole lot more.
    Now that they are compensated fairly, its time for them to deliver. We should give them a chance. If they choose to get involve in corruption after this, then they should be held accountable in every way possible.

  3. The grincher govt of senior citizens need to stop insulting the intelligence of the electorate, which is mostly young people in a knowledge economy…marketing 101

  4. Mr president is still stuck in a facade that he and the entire cabinet find favor in the salary increases.. amazingly his response is that the once private business men and lawuers made me in private practice thus he wants to create a proficient cabinet.. wow.. if Harmon can say he holds no apology to no one then he speaks for the cabinet.. why the. Ask the grinch aka granger to comment on it.. cookie crumbling??

  5. At the end of the day Guyanese need to realize that this “change” was what they had voted for. No one said its best to look back in the past, but it is evident that the Granger led administration comprises of some of the same people who led our country to the ground for 28 years. My question is why still put them in power if there isn’t a full guarantee for change. Every Guyanese need to sit back, shut their mouths and endure this with no complaints because we all have choices and they choose to put these criminal back in power.

  6. Granger is this the response that they grilled you to say…. smfh I’m disappointed but not surprised… you shouldve stopped it and save face. ..

  7. Granger are you realistic?Your defence is unbelievable and insulting to the people in opposition and even those that voted for you.

  8. I am very sad to say that the e 50 % increase was will advise. Not when a country is in recession and other poor people are just finding it hard to get by. If someone ministers who say that they make more as a private lawyer well please go back to your practice and give someone a chance who will accept a lower salary. This decision needs to be revised to lower the salary . Officials are elected to serve us the people.

  9. Granger has quickly become The Grinch who stole from the Guyanese people. The Grinch’s justification of a pay increase – it’s needed so that his bloated cabinet could do their jobs. In the absence of a pay increase, they would just sit on their dumb asses and do nothing or be involved in corruption. Way to go Grinch. Let’s see how long you guys, and the good life, will last.

  10. Time to take to the streets to protest this arrogance. More Guyanese should join with the Red Thread Organization. Some lawyer(s) should show some goodwill for the Guyanese people and challenge this imposition in the Courts.

  11. There are two kinds of people who enter politics. Those who want to genuinely work for the betterment of the people and those who only work for the betterment of themselves. The Granger led government is littered with the latter. The biggest one is his Prime Minister.

  12. The question is, how does the new salaries compare to what is being paid to heads of public sector enterprises, for example GRA, GEC etc?

    The government needs to acquire a new marketing team to present its case the current guys are not doing a good job.

  13. “You guys need to get your affairs in order” this was a comment from a potential investor who was recently in Guyana. Being of Australian origin he advised that were he to invest in Guyana it would be when the climate is conducive to invest and not go on what is being placed in newspapers.

    It appears that the Gringer led administration is bent on satisfying the promises that were made prior to their taking office. Not even a good 6 months in and their salaries are among the highest in the world. Shameful display of dictatorship being hidden behind the find pillars of democracy. Then as if that was not a slap in the face of the Guyanese populace, they then are now injecting a few billion dollars more into our GDF. In order for the GDF to even think about coming on par with Suriname much less Venezuela, Guyana needs to inject approximately half a billion USD which will be used to recruit, train soldiers and upgrade our weapons. Why would they waste a few billion GYD into the GDF now when it would do the country no good. That money could be used to increase teachers salaries and other public servants who desperately need those funds to improve the quality of their lives. However, as promises were also made to the GDF prior to Gringer taking office it is only natural that the GDF get what was promised to them. Talk about corruption, that is diplomatic corruption in your face. So now the PNC has learnt from the ABC countries how to use diplomacy and make corruption legal. Sad times for Guyana, when will the charlattans die?

  14. No, we will not!! Perform then look for rewards! Phase in the increases, if performance validates such increases,over one year.Let those that look for record salaries first, go back to their jobs, wherever.Work load? Any executive worth their salt has a really heavy workload. All very arrogant and selfish.You all better star, or else one term, will be more than enough.

  15. Also I suppose if the wages of doctors and teachers was increased by 50% they would become more efficient and committed, right? Perhaps that should be done as well. But, wait! The ministers won’t benefit there! Ohhh. Too bad. Sorry doctors and teachers. Your efficiency n commitment isn’t important enough to be purchased.

  16. So let me get this straight…..we need to BUY efficiency and commitment?? My! My! Congrats Mr President ! Apparently u think we are all fools. U know it is better to shut up if u can’t justify something rather than stick your foot in your mouth! By now I believe everyone knows you all are there for the money n nothing else.

  17. Every time someone from this coalition open their mouth to justify this increase, the just make the situation worse. Jordan tell Public Servants that they cannot give them 20% increase because they cannot afford it. Short while after, they give themselves humongous increases.
    This coalition campaigned on the issues of not living a Cadillac lifestyle on a donkey cart economy and freedom of the press (state owned media).
    They have reigned on both.

  18. Don’t worry better must come 1 day,,,this dance by the Government is called the PENSIONERS PASA PASA lets all wait and see what the dance moves will be, 3 steps,samba,or we going belly dancing,,,

  19. i am angry for the comments he made can he say what were the options he employed to raise the money also why did u fire G P L manager for his salary and have took massive increase for himself & others in total he is a wicket and dishonest leader that we have at present ok

  20. The head of state added inorder to attract the best qualified to serve at this level certain sacrifices have to be made. Then mr. President can you please let the public know what are the qulification of jaipaul, bulkan , broomes, atkitson, scott, dawn, valrie, patterson, holder etc. to merit that super salary.

  21. President GRanger cant be serious. He said “hold their leaders feet to the fire to ensure they serve the country well” . Then he should fire ministers jordan, bulkan and basil for employing their friends and family to high paid job without due process. Mr. You cannot say one thing and mean something else. You have to walk the talk and then the guyanese people will trust you.

  22. granger what have you done for the people since being there nothing our country is falling a part and you having pay increase . we are not stupid Guyanese we see your true color


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