Another political party joins chorus against ministerial pay hike

URP submitting its Lists of Candidates to GECOM
URP submitting its Lists of Candidates to GECOM
URP submitting its Lists of Candidates to GECOM

[] – The small United Republican Party (URP) which contested the 2015 elections says that the recent 50% increase in ministerial salaries has forced to break it’s silence.

The party stated in a release that it “remained silent over the last five months as it gives the new AFC coalition government a chance to rule during its honey moon period. But the coalition seems hell bent on abusing ours and public silence to its policies and actions leading to this public rebuke of several policies.”

According to the URP: “The government disappoints on several fronts: large cabinet, square pegs in round holes appointments of Ministers and other personnel, the budget, handling of rice prices and farmers, firing of thousands of workers on account of ethnic and political affiliation, racial discrimination in appointments, arrogance on the part of several ministers, and the latest salary increase of Ministers.”

The party said the ministerial pay hike came “after the government called for wage sacrifices and the public was told the treasury is almost empty with public servants and pensioners being given only a 5% increase. It is also noted that people are surviving under very harsh social and economic conditions with this government cancelling $10K voucher for children for uniform and books that has been a rite of passage over the last several years.”

The APNU-AFC government “has done the same things that it criticized the PPP breaking its promise never to do them.”  The party noted that rice farmers were guarantee “some $9,000 a bag for paddy. Today farmers are getting between $850 and $1500 a bag and some paddy have been refused by millers.”

“Our party calls on the government to pursue policies that will benefit everyone and not hurt anyone. We urge the government to reverse course on the salary and on its discriminatory policies and put the nation’s interest above self and party interests,” stated the URP



  1. Dennis Mckenzie the URP is entitled to express their views on matters of national interest as a political party that contested the GE. What I suggest you do is objectively criticise or comment on a meaning full way on the content of the message. Tell he ppl of Guyana what is untrue about the views expressed. Can you honestly do that?

  2. Dennis, they are calling a spade a spade! The Gringer led administration has done nothing they promised the working class of this country and they must be called out on it. For too long Guyanese people have been used as pawns in the political chess game and Gringer and company are doing a fantastic job of it. But the promises to the abc countries, the new ministers and the GDF have to be fulfilled or they stand to lose credibility. It’s the name of the game, you scratch my back, I scratch yours.

  3. The United Republican Party of Guyana reminds me of the Republican party of the USA,Share Criticism,no Vision or foresight.

  4. The United Republican Party is so blind,that it deserves the place it occupies right now.It would be a good thing,if it can indicate or show the square pegs in round holes.I believe,it is a waste of time to try to enlighten this group of misfits,because they will never understand.


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