GPL to invest US$60 million in fighting losses



CEO of GPL, Bharat Dindyal
CEO of GPL, Bharat Dindyal

[] – The Guyana Power and Light Company (GPL) has announced an ambitious plan to cut losses which continue to cripple the company.

At a public forum today (Friday, May 30), Chief Executive Officer of GPL, Bharrat Dindyal, announced a loss reduction plan that will cost US$60 million. It will effectively be one of the largest projects in this part of the world to cut losses.

In electricity supply, losses refer to the amounts of electricity injected into the transmission and distribution grids that are not paid for by users. Total losses have two components: technical and non-technical.

Dindyal also announced that the Essequibo Islands of Leguan and Wakenaam are expected to get 24/7 electricity by the end of the year with the installation of new machines.GPL meter

Additionally, the 20 year old plant on the Essequibo Coast is being replaced, while Bartica in Region Seven is also slated for a new electricity plant to replace the existing diesel plant.

Dindyal said that GPL is in the final phase of its overall infrastructure development programme.



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