GPHC gets new Dialysis Machine


DSC_0004[] – A dialysis machine valued US$38,000 was on Friday (July 31),  donated to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) in the name of late Krishna Samaroo of DeKendren Canal No1 Polder, West Bank Demerara. The machine was handed over to the hospital by Samaroo’s sister Tara Mohamdee at the GPHC Central Stores Receiving Area.

Samaroo died in 2008 at the Balwant Singh Hospital. According to his sister, no one knew his cause of death, however in his memory, the family wishes to make donations to several institutions, starting with the GPHC.

A dialysis machine is one that filters a patient’s blood to remove excess water and waste products when the kidneys are damaged, dysfunctional, or missing. The dialysis machine itself can be thought of as an artificial kidney.

Nurse in charge of the Renal Department at the GPHC, O’Delevana Kennedy expressed satisfaction on behalf of the hospital for receiving the equipment. She said that the hospital is currently operating on a four – machine unit and with the addition of this new piece of equipment more patients needing dialysis can be accommodated.

Kennedy added that such a machine is not new to the nurses, as they are fully aware of how to operate it.

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  1. It is great that folks are helping out like this and I do hope that more will follow suit. however the cost of one of these machines with all it’s apparatus is less than US15.000. If we are going to give be honest all the way thanks.

  2. Great! and a big thank you to the donor.

    The mere thought of someone donating this machine deserves the highest praise.
    The tone which I am reading coming from the GPHC deserve to come across better with biggest thank you instead of this luke warm boring gesture. The people who will be operating this machine must be educated and do not allow ignorance to lend itself to equipment damage.

    Our group who supports renal patients monetarily really appreciate this generous gesture from the Samaroo clan.


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