Finance Minister berates carrying large amounts of cash


IMG_5976[] – Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh has again sought to discourage his fellow country men and women from carrying large and bulky amounts of cash.

The Minister said there is no compelling or legitimate reason for a citizen to be walking around with large volumes of cash to do financial transactions as he pointed to the many alternative options available.

Dr. Singh was at the time delivering an address at the launch of GT&T’s second phases of its one – year – old Mobile Money Guyana offer – SHOP’n GO – boasting of a faster, safe and convenient way to shop in Guyana.

He said shopping with your mobile phone along with using plastic cards were among the two latest revolution in financial services that are available to Guyanese. To this end, he encouraged all to ensure that they make use of the alternative ways to access goods and services.

Finance Minister, Dr. Ashni Singh
Finance Minister, Dr. Ashni Singh

Dr. Singh said every time he hears of a robbery where the victim was carrying lump some cash he is saddened, while pointing out that he remains sympathetic to all victims of robberies.

He said the reduced reliance on cash dominated transactions is welcomed by the administration while pointing to the unviability of establishing a bank branch in all communities.

This is not the first time the Minister has sought to deter the carrying of large sums of cash. He was very vocal on the issue at the launch of the $5000 bill.

Recently, there have been abundant reports of robberies, some armed and violent, where persons carrying money were robbed.

Some have resulted in both victims and perpetrators losing their lives.





  1. This is strange coming from the finance minister. One would imagine he would have a solution to expand cash-free options to the Joe and Jane Schmoes who get robbed every day. One might even venture to imagine that the government might actually get a security plan in place to lessen the criminal events that undermine the development of Guyanese citizens.
    One might be wasting such imaginations, however, considering that there are clowns at the wheel of government who think it is wise to blame the victims while perpetuating a criminal mindset.

  2. u walk the streets they rob on your way to work they rob are a business person they rob you in your place of in you own home they come and rob you..where else must you be not to be robbed for even the little that you have..get your bloody ppp government off their ass and employ a security chief who will not worry about his visa being revoked to get the job done to rid this country of parasites who will never work will never smell their own sweat for a honest living like most citizens do..Clement Rohee and his water canon and his SWAT and all that carp does nothing for citizens of Guyana..Grow some balls and protect your citizens rather than drink alcohol drive and lecture citizens on their money they carrying..PPP does not get it as yet that no one has the right to rob you no matter how much cash you walk with…No one has the right to touch rape a person even if naked…


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