Govt will continue to function as usual – Harmon

Parliament of Guyana

…amidst calls by Opposition to resign

The APNU/AFC coalition Government will continue to function as per normal with programs budgeted for in the 2019 national expenditure already being implemented.

This disclosure was made today by Minister of State, Joseph Harmon at his weekly press briefing. Harmon stated that since the budget was passed, the actual orders have been signed by President, David Granger and as such, a number of budgeted programs are underway.

“The Government program continues and it is in the interest of all that the program is implemented and that the persons who are meant to implement this program must recognize that they have a duty to the people of this country to act in an efficient manner and to have those programmes implemented” Harmon said.

According to the Minister, since the constitution provides for Granger to remain President until the point where a new President is sworn in, Government will continue with its duties.

Public Servants are therefore being asked to continue to do their part at this time unless advised otherwise.

Minister of State Joseph Harmon

In the meanwhile, Harmon also addressed claims made by Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo that the joint communiqué sent out by Government was misleading and failed to carry the message of the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C).

He explained that the document was one that was constructed by both the Government and Opposition and as such, expressed dissatisfaction with statements made by Jagdeo.

“The statement was not one made up by one side, there were four persons working on that statement after the meeting was concluded for hours in my office. Nandlall was basically reiterating the position of the leader of the opposition on a certain matter and he strolled around my office reiterating it and Minister Trotman is taking note of what he is saying…So I find it to be a little troubling, the statements attributed to the leader of the opposition to say that there are things that were there that were not agreed to”, Harmon noted.

Speaking at his weekly press conference on Thursday, Jagdeo said that Government misled the country after the meeting between both the government and the opposition.

The Opposition is holding out that it never agreed to an arrangement that Guyana should not be left without leadership and that the government should continue to look after the affairs of the state.

According to Jadgeo, the Opposition has always maintained that they must resign and Parliament must be dissolved.

Further, the Opposition Leader revealed that at no time did the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) reach an agreement with the incumbent administration regarding the functions of the Legislative and Executive branches.

According to the Party’s General Secretary, the current administration should have already resigned and a caretaker Government should have been in place.



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