Govt warns of stiff penalties for persons who breach Covid vaccine requirement


The Guyana Government has warned of stiff penalties for persons and establishments that violate the Covid-19 vaccine requirements announced recently.

According to updated Covid-19 measures, only vaccinated persons will be allowed to access certain services and facilities such as going to the cinemas, restaurants, betting shops and casinos. Additionally, the new measures require that public transportation operators be vaccinated.

Health Minister Dr Frank Anthony today warned that persons who breach this requirement will face severe consequences. He was at the time commenting on the requirement to have vaccinated persons utilise the indoor and outdoor dining services of restaurants.

“If you go for indoor dinning or outdoor dining at a restaurant, then it’s now the law that you must be vaccinated so, if you’re going there, you must present your cards so that the persons who are running the place see that you are vaccinated. If you fail to do so and the restaurant decides they are going to allow you to eat there, we have the Task Force and the police who will be doing random checks and any restaurant owner who allows such behaviour to happen in their restaurant would face a very stiff penalty,” the Minister explained.

Meanwhile, the Maritime Administration Department (MARAD) today also warned that speedboat operators: captains, bowmen and monitors are required to be vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus and failure to do so may result in the suspension or revocation of licences.

The new measure also stipulates that unvaccinated persons are now required to make appointments before attending government agencies to services.