35 households affected; main access road impassable as flood hits Matthews Ridge

Flooding in Matthews Ridge, Region One
Flooding in Matthews Ridge, Region One

The Regional Democratic Council (RDC) of Region One (Barima-Waini) yesterday reported that due to heavy rainfall this past weekend, floodwaters have impacted the community of Matthews Ridge.

The main access road has become impassable and a total of 35 households have been impacted significantly, the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) has reported.

An initial damage assessment conducted by the Regional Chairman and representatives of the Neighborhood Democratic Council (NDC) confirmed that the water rose to at least seven feet.

There were also reports of the excess water being unable to run off ultimately to the Barima River, due to clogged drains and waterways. The RDC and NDC distributed food and cleaning hampers to the affected households in the community.

In tandem with the RDC and NDC, the CDC says it will monitor the situation in Region One and is prepared to render any assistance to the impacted residents.