Govt. has denied City Council Money, Manpower and Management – City Mayor


By Kurt Campbell

[] – Money, manpower and management – those are the categories to which the resources that the City Council has been denied by the Government, according to City Mayor, Hamilton Green.

Green has challenged any member of the Administration who considers his statement as inaccurate to a public debate or forum.

The Mayor contends that the denial of these vital resources has stultified the growth of the council and city over the years, a situation which he described as both unfortunate and sad.

The Government had time and time again blamed the Mayor and other Councilors of poorly managing the affairs of Georgetown, hence the situation which has befall citizens.

On Tuesday (December 31) Green said the degradation of the city is unbelievable but maintained that it is the fault of the Administration. He added that the business community is also not without fault.

Carol Sooba is an assault on the City by Government

The Mayor told reporters that the ‘assault’ by the Government has heighten over the last 14 months particularly with the installation/imposition of Town Clerk, Carol Sooba.

He said she is not only unqualified for the position but poses no other quality that can compensate for her unqualified status.

“We have a God who thinks she is above the duly elected Mayor of the City,” Green told reporters.

According to Green, he has made several complains to the Subject Minister about the Sooba’s incompetency and inability to do the job, all of which was met with rejection.

He contends that statements by the Minister have moved the situation into an area of political heresy.

Green throughout his press conference repeated his discontent with the installation of Carol Sooba as City Town Clerk.



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