‘No surrender to evil or imperial juggernaut’ – Mayor Green’s New Year resolution


By Kurt Campbell

Mayor of Georgetown, Hamilton Green. [iNews' Photo]
Mayor of Georgetown, Hamilton Green. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – City Mayor Hamilton Green in constructing his new year’s wish list included a single resolution that he will not surrender in 2014 to “evil or an imperial juggernaut.”

Green said among his new year’s wish is for the Government to end its flagrant violation of the constitution, which the President and his Ministers swore to uphold.

Among his seven wishes was also for the Government and their leaders to understand the cardinal features of democracy, where the idea of political power resides with all the people.

Green called for an end to be put to what he described as the wanton destruction of hinterland and urban environment and put a premium on competency, qualification, decency and suspend all forms of corruption and nepotism.

Mayor endorses USAID democracy project

At his end of the year press conference on Tuesday, December 31, the Mayor also took time to endorse the rejected USAID democracy projected, echoing previous sentiments of the Political Opposition.

Green expressed disgust at what he says are efforts to derail further democratization in Guyana.

The government rejected the project, stating that it had no input in the final design even though proposals were made in that regard.

However, despite Government’s rejection there are still some ‘reported’ activities being implemented from the project in some sections of the country.

According to the Mayor, the project is very important particularly since Local Government Elections were not held since 1994 and which would serve to educate and sensitize citizens on their role in the Local Government system.

He added that the opposition to the project is unacceptable and believes there is a diabolical plan to “keep a portion of the Guyanese society in darkness.

He said efforts are afoot to write to the Carter Centre/ Jimmy Carter to have him return to Guyana to see “the monster that he help to create and to do what can be done to ensure the rhetoric which was herald in 1992 about a return to democracy is indeed a reality, what was achieved is the complete opposite.”



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