Govt announces ‘special payment plan’ for houselots as part of Jubilee celebrations


The Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA) is offering a special payment plan for the month of May, for beneficiaries of government house lots, priced $3M and below, in residential areas.

Minister Valerie Patterson
Minister Valerie Patterson

According to GINA, under this 50/50 payment plan, persons who have completed paying 50 percent of the cost of their house lots by May 1 will be given a 50 percent discount on the balance. This balance, however, must be paid by the end of May, Minister of Communities Valerie-Sharpe Patterson explained at a press briefing in the boardroom of CHPA, today.

“If you have an allocation to a house lot for $1M and if by the 1st of May, you would have completed paying $500,000 (which is 50 percent,) then you have 50 percent on the remaining balance of 500,000. So you now have a discount on the balance of 250,000, but the balance, must be paid by the end of May,” Minister Patterson-Sharpe explained.

The payment plan takes effect from today, the Minister said. “So you have from now to April 30 to complete 50 percent payment of your allocation,” she advised. The initiative whilst in celebration of the nation’s jubilee is also in keeping with government’s intention to make house lots more affordable.

The payment plan is also applicable to the beneficiaries of turnkey homes, with regards to the cost of the house lot, not the homes, Minister Sharpe-Patterson explained. A house lot for a turnkey home costs $500,000.

Also in commemoration of Guyana’s 50th anniversary, the CH&PA will give 50 persons, $300,000 as a subsidy. The beneficiaries of these grants must be living within one of the Government’s housing schemes, and the subsidy is to be used to implement home repairs. The Minister explained that the beneficiaries will be randomly selected during a public exercise in each region.

According to the Minister, four persons each will be given subsidies in Regions One, Two, Five, Seven and Nine, whilst six persons will benefit in Region Three. A total of 14 subsidies will be distributed in Region Four whilst five each will be handed out in Regions Six and Ten. (GINA)




  1. Govt announces ‘special payment plan’ for houselots as part of Jubilee celebrations.
    One set of people will get this under the table anyways so no big deal


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