Lucky to be alive! …attacker fatally shot during holdup in Campbellville


A brother and sister are now counting their blessings that they are alive and unharmed, while their attacker is now dead after he was fatally shot during what is believed to be an attempted robbery this morning.

gun crimeReports are that around 02:00h today, Carl Haynes, who is employed at a private security company, was walking along Second Street, Campbellville, Georgetown, with his 26-year-old sister Rayon Haynes when the incident took place.

INews understands that a lone gun-man approached the two siblings and held them up at gunpoint. However, when the brother and sister resisted, the armed man pulled the trigger of his firearm but the weapon ‘snapped’.

This gave Carl the opening that he needed to save himself and his sister so he quickly pulled out his service firearm and shot the perpetrator.

The dead man has been identified as Isaiah Marks of ‘C’ Field, Sophia, and was pronounced dead on arrival at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).

Meanwhile, the unlicensed .32 revolver which was in the possession of Marks has been recovered by police ranks. Investigations into the matter are still on-going.





  1. Lucky to be alive! …attacker fatally shot during holdup in Campbellville
    Oh god oh god oh god i am waling loudly i on the floor weeping tears oh my goo lord how can they kill he like that he Isaiah Marks was a good boy Isaiah Marks never missed one single day of church oh how i mourning me brother how dare they kill he like that Isaiah Marks baby sit the neighborhood kids Isaiah Marks helped all the poor and fed the hungry ow look how they done in my brother may you Isaiah Marks RIH


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