APNU/AFC Govt “failed miserably” in delivering promises made during elections campaign – PPP


High on the agenda for the Central Committee of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) during a meeting last Saturday were the ‘developments’ in the country since the APNU+AFC Coalition took office and the attempts of the regime to intimidate Party members on ‘trumped up charges.’

Some members of the David Granger-led Cabinet
Some members of the David Granger-led Cabinet

This is according to General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee, who during a media briefing today stated that his Party has analysed these ‘developments’ in Guyana and concluded that the APNU+AFC Administration has failed miserably to deliver its election promises to the nation.

He declared that the so-called ‘good life’ promised to the people is turning out to be a mirage, and except for the top echelons of the ruling cabal, the vast majority of the population are worse off than before the change of Administration.

Meanwhile, in relation to the ‘trumped up charges’ against its Party members, the Central Committee had condemned this and expressed solidarity with those who are suffering from any form of victimisation by this Government as a result of their party affiliation.

“The Party noted with concern the decision to close down the Wales sugar factory and the hardships that decision would have on the well-being of those who depend on the estate for their living”.

Rohee also noted that much deliberation took place on the upcoming Local Government Elections and the preparedness of the Party to win an overwhelming majority of the constituencies at the Mayoral and National Democratic Council (NDC) levels.

He noted that the PPP is optimistic that the electorate will turn out in their numbers and vote overwhelmingly for the PPP/C.

During the Central Committee meeting on Saturday last, presentations were made by Rohee which set the tone for a robust discussion on the way forward for the PPP in its efforts to regain political power.




  1. APNU/AFC Govt “failed miserably” in delivering promises made during elections campaign – PPP.
    Laws must be passed- anytime politicians comes to you -promised you this that the other – then get your vote to be in office and dont deliver on their promise they must be arrested- tried in a court of law then jailed for no less that 20 years.
    on media.. once a media house- laws must be passed that once a media house post a lie then the owner the chief editor and journalist must be arrested- brought before the court and be jailed for 50 years ..the media is being used a a deadly and dangerous weapon — like i said check out what KN and SN did to members of PPP. media people must not be able to hide under the guise of freedom of press..


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