Georgetown to get another dose of Chikungunya fogging from today

Fogging being done in Kitty, Georgetown in May


Fogging being done in Kitty, Georgetown in May
Fogging being done in Kitty, Georgetown in May

[] – The Ministry of Health Vector Control Services will recommence fogging today (Wednesday, September 3), in identified communities around the Capital City, Georgetown to eliminate adult mosquitoes which carry diseases, among which is the widely discussed Chikungunya virus.

“To ensure that the fogging exercise is most effective, the Ministry is advising residents in the targeted communities to open their windows to allow the fog mist into the buildings to kill the adult mosquitoes.”

Residents are reminded to cover all drinking water and secure all food stuff (uncooked and cooked) to prevent possible contamination, secure all domestic animals and poultry and to keep persons who suffer from asthmatic conditions, young children and the elderly away from the direct flow of  the fog mist.

The fogging exercise will commence at 5:30 p.m in the following areas and will culminate on Friday, September 5:

Kingston, Cummingsburg, Lacytown, Bourda, Alberttown, Queenstown, Bel-Air Park, Lamaha Gardens, Newtown Kitty, Campbellville, Kitty, Subryanville, Bel- Air Gardens, Prashad Nagar, Bel-Air and Bel-Air Springs.

The Ministry of Health reminds Guyanese that vector control is a partnership.

“While the Ministry of Health will conduct this fogging exercise, residents are encouraged to keep their surroundings clean by removing all empty containers that can breed mosquitoes and to always sleep under mosquito nets so as to prevent mosquito borne diseases,” a release from the Ministry advised.




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