GECOM labels exit polls as a “dangerous and reckless practice”

Members of the Prison Service line up to vote. [iNews' Photo]

gecom[] – The Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) says that while there are no laws preventing persons from conducting exit polls, it is a practice that may serve to create some amount of unrest in Guyana’s society at such a sensitive period.

GECOM’s official statement on the issue of exit polls comes after Former President Dr Bharrat Jagdeo would have called for APNU+AFC’s James Bond to be arrested after he  conducted an exit poll on the results of the recently completed Disciplined Services voting.

GECOM in the statement noted that it is appealing for political agents and Parties to cease such activities since it will serve to “undermine” the electoral process.

“The duty of declaring the final official results of the 2015 General and Regional Elections rests exclusively with the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM). Any other information provided by any source(s) other than GECOM must not be considered as legitimate or valid by the citizenry. GECOM wishes to advise the public that only official elections results announced by GECOM are to be accepted. Any other claims to results would be spurious and unofficial,” GECOM noted.

GECOM said it will be conducting free, fair and transparent elections on May 11, and would like to appeal to all stakeholders to peacefully accept the final official results of the 2015 General and Regional Elections.

“GECOM is also calling on all individuals and/or groups purporting to conduct exit polls and announcing their ‘findings’, to desist from this potentially dangerous and reckless practice, since their utterings may serve to stir unrest and create further uneasiness in an environment which is already tense. Moreover, extant electoral laws and guidelines mandate only GECOM as the sole legal authority to announce official election results in Guyana. In addition, it must be recognized that while there may be no specific Laws making Exit Polling an offence, there are Laws relating to the molestation of voters entering and exiting Polling Stations. The secrecy of the Ballot must remain sacrosanct. In any case, the reliability of results emanating from an Exit Poll is dubious, unreliable and very possibility inaccurate,” the release noted.

GECOM is currently working unremittingly to ensure it delivers elections that are free, fair, credible and transparent. Every area of elections management is being competently and professionally managed by committed men and women, led by an experienced group of Commissioners.

“Therefore, all political parties and their supporters must be cognizant and supportive of GECOM’s efforts to submit results that are accurate, and not contribute to any act that will stymie and undermine this process,” GECOM underscored.




  1. NO to GECOM:::If PNC Bond said he did an exit poll then GECOM must demand that he show proof of how this exit polls were conducted and by who or whom…
    If he cant provide these information then something is terribly wrong and PNC Bond could be right with his 94%….I told you guys already that on election night last election a blogger on SN stated boldly ” PPP Minoirty ” now…where did he get that info from??? results cames out days later and boom….PPP minority…..when questioned how he knew..the blogger said he did some stats..because he is a statistician… foot..the blogger was an afc activist…he had to get inside info to say what he said

  2. Because in Guyana we are not mature. We are still little children so that is why we don’t need to do exit polls and report them.

  3. Exit polls in our country and in this specific context are labeled as very destructive and an attitude to erupt unrest in this sensitive period of our country. James Bond, is indeed a smooth brain, smooth brains think about destruction and backward thinking. Smooth brains do not understand the world!!!

  4. I don’t an exit poll as it said James Bond is a fool and a liar, prove me wrong?! And in fact the discipline voted 99% for the TUF , prove me wrong again .

  5. Exit polls are carried out in the advanced countries and they are not considered dangerous. Why would a third world country or emerging economy country label it as dangerous


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