‘Abducted’ salesman turns up at Police Station

Xanier Waaldijk
Xanier Waaldijk

[www.inewsguyana.com] – A Bhena’s Footwear salesman who was reported as abducted earlier Monday May 04 turned up at the Brickdam Police station late in the afternoon.

Twenty – seven– year – old Xanier Waaldijk was waiting for the store to open when three armed men in a Bronze NZE motor car – PLL 8911 – approached him and forced him in the vehicle before escaping.

Waaldijk resides at Grove, East Bank Demerara but he is originally from Linden. Waaldijk reportedly told officers that his abductors released him in West Demerara; however he was unable to pinpoint an exact location.

It is unclear whether the man was injured during the abduction however iNews has been able to confirm that investigators are scheduled to revisit the crime scene.

The driver of the motor vehicle involved in the brazen kidnapping of the Bhena’s Footwear employee has been arrested by police officers.

Reports indicate that the driver was apprehended after the vehicle was pulled over by police officers in Region 3. iNews was reliably informed that Waaldijk apparently knows his abductors since he smiled when he saw them approaching.

iNews had reported that the abduction might be related to an ongoing family feud.




  1. They mistake him fo Glen Lall,his boys in the underworld is looking for their stuff and he hiding,long time done ,short time leff Glen.

  2. its steve harvey family feud …nah,,,,there is more to this…like..let your people contact my people..then my people will talk to your people..then if your people and my people cant agrre then my people will have to deal severely with your people..so give it up now and dont mess wid my people ..my people will sho yuh..

  3. If he knows his abductors then it’s a waste of time and money togo aafter the people. Just let him tell the tale.


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