GABA set to host first tournament of 2015


DSC_3898[] – Being dubbed the “King of the hard court” the Georgetown Amateur Basketball Association (GABA) will host their first tournament of the year starting on Wednesday, April 22 at the Burnham Hard Court.

At the launching on Tuesday at Starr Computers, the tournament will be played on a round robin basis lasting for 51 games with each team expected to play at least five games each.

Further, the teams will be playing for club development instead of a cash reward according to President of GABA, Andrew Hercules.

“There will be no monetary prize per say for this tournament but what we along with ANSA McAL want to do is develop the clubs by giving the winner of this tournament 10 Spalding balls and looking at specific needs of that club in order to develop them.

“We want to host three competitions throughout the year and the final one which will be our league will have cash incentives,” Hercules noted.

GABA has also partnered with Guyana National Youth Council (GNYC) so as to promote their “Vote like a boss” campaign.

In addition there will also be an under-23 aspect of the tournament with each team playing the minimum of four games. The partnership between the two organisations will allow promotional exchanges by both groups for their respective events.

The tournament is slated to start on Wednesday at the Burnham Hard Court from 18:00h with two games when Knights clash with Colts and Pacesetters face Patriots.



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