Former Private Sector Chairman upset with inland immigration policies

Chairman of the PSC, Ramesh Persaud
Former President of the PSC, Ramesh Persaud.
Former President of the PSC, Ramesh Persaud.

[] – Former Chairman of the Private Sector Commission (PSC), Ramesh Persaud has written the Minister of Citizenship, Winston Felix over what he has described as an “unnecessary” immigration policy.

Persaud, in a letter to the Minister, stated that he has some “deep concern with regards to the requirement to present myself or to register with immigration officers or the police when commuting within the borders of Guyana.”

The business executive detailed that in a recent trip to Port Kaituma, he came into contact with the new policy and believes that his freedom to travel is being somehow restricted.

“I am not aware that as a citizen there were restrictions to internal travel in this regard. As a citizen of Guyana I believe that my right to freedom of movement within the country is being violated if I have to fulfill this requirement,” said Persaud.

Minister if Citizenship, Winston Felix
Minister if Citizenship, Winston Felix

He went on to say that he cannot comprehend why the valuable time of immigration and police personnel have to be dedicated to this “unnecessary humbug for local travel.”

“If the information is needed for any national security purposes, it can be gleaned from the manifest of each one of the carriers. I can understand having to present a photo ID to the agent for check in or possibly security personnel before boarding an aircraft, but I do not see the need for the immigration intervention upon arrival or departure of any port used for travel within the boundaries of Guyana,” the former PSC Chairman noted.

Persaud is urging that the Citizenship Minister take immediate steps to review the new policy.



  1. It is very strange how some of us at particular times can overlook basic things just to be disrespectful of others.Any of you ever took the time to ask why so much drugs are passing thru our country?

  2. Years ago, this was system that was imposed in South Africa by the white government to keep a tab on blacks and their movements. Carding in a lot major cities are not replicating it now. I think this, if true must resisted at all cost.

  3. Just checking to see if when you ride your CG Motorcycle from Agricola to Georgetown if you have to present yourself to the immigration office?

  4. Maybe to curb all these so called businessmen from smuggling all sorts from gold, drugs, contraband etc…… Pure lawlessness was promoted by the last government so maybe this is being introduced to scale it back

  5. How else will people like Felix appear to be doing some work? It is quite evident that the Minister of Citizenship was created as part of the “jobs of the boys” campaign by Granger and his crooked crew. That ministry is redundant and they all know it.


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