Former Chief of Staff endorses APNU/AFC coalition

Former Chief-of-staff, Gary Best
Former Chief of staff, Gary Best
Former Chief-of-staff, Gary Best

[] – Former Chief of Staff, of the Guyana Defence Force, Gary Best has come out in support of the APNU+AFC coalition. In a media statement, Best says he feels the coalition is ‘best’ for Guyana.

“I wish to go on record as endorsing the APNU-AFC coalition as the best political party capable of managing the affairs of our country now and in the future. This is indeed an A-Team. Each of these two political parties worked vigorously, though independently, to put an end to division in our country. Their bold decision to work together is not only manifest of a deep commitment to unity politics, and unity leadership, but also the beginning of a movement for unity in everything we do as a nation.”

He has also called on the rest of the country to throw its support behind the coalition.

“We should all join in this effort. In this context, the expressed intentions of the APNU-AFC coalition in governing Guyana under the rubric of Transparency, Unity, Equity, Security, Youth Development and Women Empowerment accord with my own socio political and nationalistic views, as a citizen, in this country.”

He has expressed great confidence in the Presidential and Prime Ministerial candidates of the APNU+AFC coalition and their ability to take Guyana forward.

“I have every confidence that Presidential candidate, Brigadier David Granger’ will act fairly, justly and equitably in handling the affairs of our nation…Equally too, is my confidence that Prime Ministerial candidate, Mister Moses Nagamootoo will be transparent, fair and compassionate in the day to day management of our nation’s business. I wish the APNU-AFC coalition success at the 2015 elections and urge every voter to vote APNU-AFC. It is time for Change.”




  1. Any ways I am voting against my childrens They wanted to to vote PPP but me and my child mother voting PNC

  2. If the GDF and GPF were truly a PNC loyalists, how come the PPP comfortable to want to run Guyana! The APNU/AFC is a multi ethic party with the skill and attitude to lead a multi ethics people and I am looking forward for more endorsement. It is time

  3. I wonder if Gary was in the army when Burnham invented “Kick down the door”
    Does Gary Best has any knowledge of those AK47 that Granger gave to his criminal children?

  4. Looknah or lock nut whoever you are, you are more like a lock up nut.
    So you are saying all the Indos in the Army and police can’t pass a urine test and are cowards?
    And Mr Granger wants to put them Indians in the forefront?
    You are chasing away those precious Indian votes doornob boy.
    Someone said that on the 12th of may if APNU+AFC wins, the Indian beating season begins.
    You are making me a believer.

  5. Andrew, Why are you blogging as lookna? You and your multiple personalities probably is back in your phantom gang? You and your boss Felix are known for your corruptions. So Andrew lookna, tell us about your involvement in all those murders?
    Come clean and honest for once mr. police impostor.

  6. you ignorant ass, if the police and gdf are all pnc people why you and your fellow ppp brothers and sisters don’t get off a’yuh lazy asses and go apply for jobs in the joint services and after four five years all a’yuh gon vote ppp and done the story right there?

    a’yuh too coward and lazy and then there is that slight matter that 98% a’yuh too flipping drunk to pass the urine test.

  7. anyone surprise???????????? oh heck no….de hole world know police and gdf pledged their kidneys to pnc…this is why most people know ppp has no control of security many pnc supporters best can best get??? same 35%…ah hear the old gdf man danger granger ordered nagamoottoo to appear before he to answer where is that 11 pound indian baby he promised to deliver..12 pnc seats up for grabs now…

  8. Another PNC dinosaur.
    They all looking for work.
    Job for life PNC style.
    Drain the treasury broke once again!


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