“Tell them don’t crank me up, I know their story” – Harmon to Luncheon  

Shadow Public Works Minister, Joseph Harmon

By Tracey Khan-Drakes 

Shadow Public Works Minister, Joseph Harmon
APNU’s General Secretary, Joseph Harmon

[www.inewsguyana.com] – General Secretary of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), Joseph Harmon says Cabinet Secretary, Dr Roger Luncheon is “trying to be relevant,” with his accusation that the events on nomination day were marred by “civil disorder” by the APNU+AFC supporters, which led to a number of businesses closing their doors and sending staff home.

During an interview with iNews, Harmon called for the evidence to be shown in this regard, noting that it would be impossible for the People’s Progressive Party to produce such since it was all fabricated.

“Dr. Luncheon is trying to create hysteria where none exists…he is trying to create a situation that is created by the People’s Progressive Party among their strategies to show that the people who are going to be running this country after the 11th May are being led by hooligans,” Harmon said.

He expressed shock that Dr. Luncheon would stoop “so low.”

“I am appalled by the manner in which Dr. Luncheon can describe the conduct of thousands of Guyanese who paraded in an orderly fashion…and so for him to characterize those people who were there in a very orderly manner as being almost like hooligans as if there was civil disturbance are shocking.” 

Cabinet Secretary. Dr. Roger Luncheon.
Cabinet Secretary. Dr. Roger Luncheon.

The General Secretary explained that the Party would usually lead the procession down Regent Street; however out of concern to ensure the smooth operation of businesses and transportation, the Party decided to use Brickdam as the route.

Meanwhile, in responding to criticism by the Cabinet Secretary as it relates to the coalition’s 2015 lists of candidates for the upcoming elections, Harmon threatened to expose the PPP’s double standards in this regard.

“Luncheon must look at the PPP lists, look at his own business, fix his own house, they had to write GECOM at least twice…asking to change this and change that, let him take the mold out of his own eyes before he tries to take it out of his neighbors….so tell them don’t crank me up, I know their story.”

Dr. Luncheon described the APNU+AFC’s lists as significantly ‘flawed’, stating that it lacks diversity.




  1. I just press the button and my Beemer goes zoom!
    The old coal steam pot choo choo will need a lot of cranking!
    Is the engine in front or at the back?
    Get cranking.

  2. did you take the time to inquire who is alexi ramotar to donald ramotar and who is africo selman to donald ramotar and alexi ramotar?

    what about thandi mya-mia luncheon, who is she to roger lunchoen?

    if there is nothing between these people and their relationship, what does it matter to you the relationship between harmon and ms broomes? are you such an idiot!

  3. Harmon, Bring it on soldier. You have always lead with treats and false accusations. One day Glen gonna get tired of you. You have plenty fools following you with false hopes. See how the Danger throw in reverse already on the debate.

  4. Suresh the walls of Jericho are slowly falling around your BELOVED comrades. Why don’t you get inside so that you may die with them?

  5. old harmon does always crack me up..only he thinks he is relevant to guyanese..poor chat is not too too educated so leff he alone yall lol

  6. every time this old fool luncheon opens his mouth he shows how low he is willing to stoop to maintain and hold on to just a smidgen of relevance within a party that is morally and ethically bankrupt.

    the diversity roger luncheon adds to the ppp list of candidates has to do with his disheveled haggard unkempt appearance that contrasts with the practice of creating a proper impression in the eyes of the public as practiced by normal politicians and aspiring politicians.

    it will serve his party well to keep his mouth shut and not say things that will divert attention to the list that he is on because, the guyanese public doesn’t have to look too hard or too deep to see how many respective groups of people on that list share the same dna, exposing widespread nepotism.

    you can talk all you want about having diversity but, when you and your party’s strong suite involves incitement through hate / fear mongering / race-baiting and lying to people to get their vote, all the talk about diversity amounts to just plain hogwash.

  7. Joe Harmon they know your story too. Who is Simona Broomes to you and why she on the list for parliament? You want to crank up here Joe. Crank.

  8. Hello, “Mouth open, story ah jump out” Good of you, to set him straight. Luncheon, they have a name for people like you in America, “token”, you are a disgrace to your fellow Guyanese. You make $600,000.GYD a month, for what exactly?


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